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(Member Recipe) How to Make Sausage Bits for Pizza

April 16, 2012

Before I went gluten-free, Greg and I occasionally picked up a frozen pizza on busy nights. Unlike some folks who turn their nose up at prepackaged foods, I'm grateful for them. Sometimes life gets busy and it's nice that we have the option of letting someone else do the cooking from time-to-time. Even if that "person" is the Red Baron* or Amy!

The pizza Greg and I got--without fail--was a supreme pizza. Now I don't think we ever ordered "supreme" pizza when we went out to eat. Somehow we got into the habit of frozen pizza=supreme pizza.

We'd pop the pizza into the oven, change into comfy clothes and then unwind. We all need nights like that, right?

After going gluten-free, I missed the supreme pizza ritual. So I started making it myself. Was it the same? No! But it was close.

For a long time when I made my gluten-free version of a supreme pizza, I just put thinly sliced sausage links on the pizza. But this always felt wrong. On the pizza I was trying to imitate, the sausage wasn't sliced. Nope. It was little bits of sausage-y goodness.

When it finally occurred to me that I could make those little sausage nuggets instead of just slicing up sausage for my pizza, I was so excited you'd think I found out that pizza was calorie-free! (Can you tell I am a texture person? While the pizza flavor was right. The texture, thanks to the sausage slices, was wrong to me.)

So if you are like me and miss those little sausage pieces on your pizza, here's how you can make them!

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