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Articles tagged with snacks

Homemade (Mix-free!) Spinach Dip
Elizabeth Barbone
Homemade (Mix-free!) Spinach Dip

January 31, 2014

Homemade (soup mix-free!) spinach dip that's every bit--maybe better-than the original! . . . keep reading

5 Cracker Recipes for the Big Game
Elizabeth Barbone
5 Cracker Recipes for the Big Game

January 29, 2012

Five gluten-free cracker recipes for the Big Game. . . . keep reading

How to Make Gluten-Free Jalapeño Poppers
Elizabeth Barbone
How to Make Gluten-Free Jalapeño Poppers

May 16, 2012

One thing to know before making a batch of jalapeño poppers: they are slippery little buggers! So slippery, in fact, that prepping them for frying takes a little extra care so that in the end, you have jalapeño poppers and not jalapeño exploders.

Here's how to do it!

. . . keep reading

Gluten-Free Pigs in a Blanket
Elizabeth Barbone
Gluten-Free Pigs in a Blanket

January 31, 2012

At football parties, few things frustrate me more than a plate of piping hot pigs in a blanket that I can't eat. (My team losing would be the #1 thing that frustrates me. I'm looking at you Green Bay.) A few years ago, I grew tired of this--it was time for a gluten-free version.

Traditional wheat-based pigs in a blanket are often made with store-bought dough, usually crescent dough or puff pastry. Those of us on the gluten-free diet currently don't have the option of using pre-made dough. While not as easy as popping open a can of dough, this gluten-free pastry isn't tough to make.

To prepare the dough, simply cut some butter (or shortening) into dry ingredients, add an egg and some milk and stir until a firm dough forms. That's it.

These can also be made ahead of time and frozen. After wrapping each wiener in dough, place them on a baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the freezer for about three hours, until they're firm. Then place the pigs in a blanket in a plastic bag and return to the freezer.

When you're ready to serve, preheat the oven and bake from frozen. . . . keep reading

Gluten-Free Mozzarella Sticks
Elizabeth Barbone
Gluten-Free Mozzarella Sticks

Cheese melts.

I was reminded of this when I first attempted to make gluten-free mozzarella sticks. The cheese sticks kept melting in the hot oil. Instead of crispy sticks with oozy centers, I had cheese that was a runny mess. Then I remembered a technique I hadn't used in years: double dipping during the first part of the standard breading procedure.

The classic standard breading procedure calls for you to . . . keep reading