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(review) Kinnikinnick Soft White Bread

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July 29, 2013

Guys, we need to talk. Last week I (ahem) ranted a little about Udi's sandwich bread. Thanks to everyone to told me that they've experienced similar issues.

Before that post went up, Kinnikinnick emailed me and offered to send me some samples of their new sandwich bread. I mentally rolled my eyes. What can I say. I'm a little bit of a cynic. Most of the time, I only buy gluten-free bread when I don't have time to make my own. While I don't mind them, I don't love any of them.

So I told Kinnikinnick that I'd try the bread and then promptly forgot about it. On Friday, a HUGE box of bread arrived on my doorstop. Bread!

The first thing I noticed was that the box smelled....amazing. Kind of like fresh bread and kind of like doughnuts. (Note to self: try Kinnikinnick's doughnuts.) The box contained white bread, multi- grain bread, and bagels. I grabbed the loaf of white bread and opened the bag.

In my hand, the bread felt really good. Nice and soft. To me, most pre-made gluten-free breads are dry and cottony. The Kinnikinnick bread didn't feel dry. Hmm...

Here's where the real test began: I ate it untoasted. Now, let's stop for a minute. Imagine if you weren't gluten-free and you read that statement. You'd probably be thinking, "Wow. You ate untoasted bread. How brave and daring of you." But if you're gluten-free, you know what I'm takin' about. Some untoasted gluten-free bread tastes gross.

This bread wasn't gross at all. I mean, it really tasted like, get this, plain white bread. The slice was pleasantly bland, as white bread tends to be. And, the best part, it wasn't gummy, or dry. Uncharacteristically, I ate another slice. I'll admit, I was digging the bread.

The next day, I used it for a grilled cheese sandwich. Success! It browned nicely but didn't get funky. After opening the bag, I closed it with a tie and left it on the counter. As of today, Monday, the bread remains soft and tasty.

Now, the loaf they sent me didn't contain large air holes like the Udi's bread. The crumb was remarkably tight, kind of like Wonder Bread. (I mean that in the nicest way possible.) If holes are a problem with this bread, I'll grouse about it.

I haven't tried the multigrain bread or the bagels yet. When I do, I'll let you know how I like 'em.


A blend of white rice flour and starches. The biggest surprise is that the bread does not contain xanthan gum. I know that some folks avoid xanthan, so that's good news! It's does NOT contain dairy, soy, or nuts.

And the bread contains fiber! Five grams in two slices, according to the package.    

Nutrition Update: Linda on Facebook asked for the nutrition info. So I added it above.


Obviously, I didn't buy this bread. On the Kinnikinnick site, the loaf goes for $4.99. For me, this is cheaper than Udi's or other breads around here. If you find the bread in your area, let me know how much it costs.


Finally a gluten-free bread I'd buy and enjoy, instead of just buying because I don't have enough time to bake. Of course, I prefer my homemade bread because homemade stuff rocks. But when time gets squeezed, this is the brand I'll reach for!


Kinnikinnick sent me a few loaves of bread to try. I didn't ask for them (other than accepting their offer to send them). And I wasn't paid for my opinion or for any part of this review.


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