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(review) Schar Honeygrams: Graham Style Crackers

Elizabeth Barbone - June 18, 2014
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Ah, the humble graham cracker. So simple. So tasty. So perfect. How could you mess up a graham cracker?

Schar shows us how!

They've made the lean, sturdy graham cracker into a rich, delicate affair. How rich? How about 13 grams of fat for 6 small crackers? Now, I'm not fat-phobic. However, fat brings richness and tenderness to baked goods. And these graham crackers, in my opinion, are far too rich and tender for a  graham crackers. They are more like a rich multi-grain shortbread cookie. The most delicate shortbread cookie you've ever eaten.

If you look in the sealed package, you can see how the crackers arrived broken. BOO!
If you look in the sealed package, you can see how the crackers arrived broken. BOO!

The darn thing falls apart as soon as you bite into it, if they aren't already broken when you open the package, In fact, the first box I bought didn't contain one whole cracker. Not one! Wondering if perhaps the box had gotten dropped, I picked up another box. From a different store. And guess what? All broken crackers. In fact, the crackers are sitting to my left as I type this up. I'm afraid that if I look at them wrong, they will break some more.

So, yup, these crackers are fragile. Which brings me to an important point: s'mores! Emblazoned on the box it says that you can make s'more with these crackers. Hmmm….making s'mores with a broken graham cracker just seems impossible and really sad to me. [Cut to camper sitting by fire. A roaring fire is in front of her. Broken crackers sit on her lap. A single tear slides down her cheek as she watches other people make s'more with unbroken crackers.] But that's just me.

I can see some comments now: “Elizabeth! HOW DARE YOU??!?!  I love these crackers! They are my favorite!!!11!!”

Dude, I hear you. The flavor of the crackers is great. They taste of honey with a nice note of corn going on in the background. Plus, the soy bran gives them a little unexpected crunch. Even I, who has an issue with the texture of the crackers, would buy them again for the flavor.

But for a graham-style cracker? Nope. They are too rich and too fragile for my taste.

Nothing too exciting here. However, the crackers do carry a “may contain” warning for lupin.


Nutrition Facts

These picture were taken on June 17, 2014. Be sure to read your package in case ingredients or nutrition information change.


This review wasn't sponsored. All opinions are my own and I bought the crackers with my own money.

Have thoughts? A different opinion? Leave 'em in the comments!  

About the author: Elizabeth Barbone is the owner and editor of and is the author of Easy Gluten-Free Baking. and "How to Cook Gluten-Free".

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