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(review) Aldi's Single-Serving Gluten-Free Frozen Cheese Ravioli

Elizabeth Barbone - May 10, 2014
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Last night I did something I haven't done in years. YEARS. I….ate a frozen dinner. 

As you might know, I went to Aldi for the first time the other day to check out "LiveGfree", their new in-house gluten-free product line. Among the things I picked up was a single-serving box of gluten-free ravioli. 

I didn't expect to try it so quickly but last night my bff Jessica and I went to see comedian Maria Bamford. (side note: great show.) Before heading out, I decided to throw the ravioli meal in the microwave. Why not, right? 

I opened it up. It looked fine. The actual ravioli were hard to see because of all the sauce and shards of frozen mozzarella that sat on top of what promised to be ravioli. As directed, I cut a small slit in the plastic and popped the tray in the microwave for five minutes. 

Then I did what you do when you're making a frozen dinner: I hit up Facebook. Before I knew it, five minutes were up. The package told me to wait a minute before removing the dish from the microwave. I said to the package, "God mom! Stop telling me what to do!" No. Not really. I just continued to read Facebook. 

After a minute, I took the meal out of the microwave.  (It might have been a little more than a minute, you know how internet time goes. You sit down and it's light out and then you look up and it's dark. Wait? That does't happen to you? Never mind!) 

My meal looked, how do I put this? Sad. The tomato sauce had spattered but was contained by the plastic wrap. And, still, I couldn't tell that there were ravioli in the dish.

Then, big moment here: I removed the plastic wrap! Finally I could see ravioli. YAY!

Even though it was a microwave dish, I plopped the ravioli onto a plate--although I did ponder the merits of just eating it out of the container. There were four ravioli. So not a huge portion but big enough.

I took a bite. HOLY MOLEY these were good! I really (really, really, REALLY) was surprised. I thought they'd be mushy or weird. Nope! They were tasty. 

 Honestly, I enjoyed my meal. The sauce was a little sweet for my taste but from microwave to plate it took six minutes; so let's not get all picky here. The ravioli were firm but still pillowy enough for my taste. The filling is your standard American ravioli filling: ricotta, romano cheese, and eggs. If you like frozen ravioli, you'll like this meal. 

As I mentioned before, Aldi works with companies, called "copackers", to make their foods---and not just their gluten-free line. If I had to guess, I'd guess that this meal is made by Conte's. But that's just a guess. (I think it's a good guess. *cough*) 

The price was great, too. The box cost me: $3.29. 

The only bad news? These might not be available for very long. Aldi has stated that this is a "limited buy." However, I REALLY hope they keep these ravioli around. I'd buy them again! 

Have you tried any of Aldi's products? Let me know in the comments!  

About the author: Elizabeth Barbone is the owner and editor of and is the author of Easy Gluten-Free Baking. and "How to Cook Gluten-Free".

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