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Cookie Recipes continued

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No Bake Rocky Road Drops
Sometimes it's too hot to turn on the oven. These quick, no-bake cookies are for those days. Combining marshmallows, chocolate, raisins and corn flakes, these cookies appeal to kids of all ages. I suggest making a batch or two for the next picnic. Our rocky road drops are fun summer eating at its best. . . . keep reading

Ice Cream Cones
I'll admit it. I have a few, um, odd food quirks. Here's one: I won't eat ice cream unless it is in a cone. I could take a very foodie stance on the matter. I could tell you that I like the contrast between the cool, smooth ice cream and the crunchy cone. And maybe that's true. But, really, I just love cones. Sometimes, I'll eat plain ice cream cones as a snack. This recipe really celebrates the ice cream cone. They're crisp and slightly sweet. Most importantly, they don't overpower the ice cream! A good cone needs to be subtle. Enjoy eating these with, or without, ice cream. . . . keep reading

Three-Year Almond Biscotti
Over three years ago, Lorraine K. requested a recipe for biscotti. I've finally perfected one! You are probably wondering why it took so long. Well, I wanted the biscotti to be crunchy, not crumbly. However, gluten-free foods love to crumble! It became a challenge to find a recipe that could pull off crunchy. I kept creating a biscotti that was either too cake-like or too crumbly. Urgh!

I needed to step away from the process. Then, I created a recipe that worked. However, the recipe was way too complicated. I believe a recipe for biscotti shouldn't be more difficult than making a loaf of bread! So, it was back to the kitchen for more testing. Finally, finally, finally I created this recipe. It is easy to make; it crunches, not crumbles and it tastes fantastic! I still can't believe it took three years to perfect! . . . keep reading

Italian Cookies
Several months ago, Christa Granit requested a recipe for Stella D'oro-style cookies. These cookies, which taste like the Lady Stella cookies with the bright icing, are so fun to make! The dough comes together in about 5 minutes. Then, after it's refrigerated you get to roll and shape! This is fun hands on baking at its best. . . . keep reading

Fiesta del Sol Cookies
This lovely recipe came from reader Shelia Wilkins. She asked if I could adapt her family's Easter cookies to gluten-free for Easter. Here is part of her e-mail:

I have a challenge for you! Every Easter my mom makes these fiesta del sol cookies... I've been tinkering with the recipe, thinking it would easy to adapt to gluten-free. It hasn't been easy. Here is the tricky part. These cookies are really delicate when made with wheat. The versions I've come up with have fallen apart if you look at them the wrong way... Help!
Sheila Wilkins
Oh, I love a challenge! And these cookies presented one! As Shelia mentioned in her e-mail, these cookies are fragile. They seem to break apart the moment they hit your tongue. This is a good thing! These sweet little cookies have a complex flavor, thanks to the cornmeal. Due to their sweetness, I think these cookies are perfect with a cup of tea. Enjoy them on Easter or whenever you feel like a little sweet treat.

Thanks for the challenge Shelia! . . . keep reading

Lemon Coolers
Do you remember Schwan's? They're the company with the little yellow trucks that deliver ice cream and other foods door-to-door. Years ago, they offered cookies called "lemon coolers". These small, buttery cookies with a powdered sugar coating packed a big lemon punch. Schwan's no longer carries these cookies, but I never lost my taste for them. Here is a gluten-free version of those wonderful lemon cookies. They're easy to make and pack a nice lemon kick--just like the ones from Schwan's! . . . keep reading

New York Black and White Cookies
If you aren't from New York, you might not be familiar with black and white cookies. Let me try to explain what they are without drooling all over my keyboard. I love these cookies! And, the funny thing is, they aren't really cookies. Nope. They are more like individual cakes! Big, about 5-inches across, and iced with chocolate and vanilla icing, I think these cookies are, well, just perfect. Try these cookies. I hope you love them as much as I do. . . . keep reading

Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
A delicious cross between a brownie and a cookie, this recipe is wonderfully rich. And, oh my, is it a chocolate lover's delight! The dough and baked cookies freezes well. Either freeze some dough balls and bake when you need a chocolate boost or freeze a few cookies for a quick midnight snack. . . . keep reading

Black and White Heart Cookies
Valentine's Day sugar cookies hold a special memory for me. When my husband and I were living in Milwaukee several years ago, it snowed and snowed the day before Valentine's Day. Alone for the day and stuck in our small apartment, I decided to decorate and bake cookies for the holiday. Now, you must understand, I never do any decorating for Valentine's Day. I'm just not artsy-craftsy. But, since it was snowing, and I was bored, I really got into it. I hung construction paper heart cutouts all over the apartment and even taped about 2 dozen to the big window in the front room. Even now, I can remember how the apartment looked. These black and white heart cookies were inspired by that day. You make delicate sugar cookies, cut into heart shapes, of course, and dip the cookies into semi-sweet and white chocolate. The finished cookies look fabulous and they don't require a snow-day to create. . . . keep reading

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies
The day after Thanksgiving, my Mom always makes chocolate covered cherries. By Christmas, they are ready to eat. She tried to teach me how to make them, but it seems I am not a candy maker! One year I decided to shock my mom and sisters (who all have the candy making gene), by announcing that I had made "chocolate covered cherries". Well, they almost fainted. When I brought out a tray of these cookies, with a big grin on my face, everyone roared with laughter.
I'm helpless again! Not only can't I make the chocolate covered cherries, now I can't make these cookies. A gluten-free version would make my Christmas!
Grace Wilson
Dear Grace,
Chocolate covered cherries are a tradition in my family too! I love your idea of making a chocolate covered cherry cookie. Don't worry about not being able to make chocolate covered cherries. These cookies more than make up for it! Here is the gluten-free version.
. . .
keep reading

Buttery Coconut Cookies
My family is not only gluten-free, but egg- free too! As it happened, an old family recipe for coconut cookies was egg-free. It quickly became a tradition for my egg-allergic son to leave these cookies out for Santa. Now that we are coping with Celiac disease, I am afraid I won't be able to make Santa's favorite cookie. Any chance you could help? We'd be very, very grateful.
Marcia Hutton

Dear Marcia, For Santa, I would do anything! Here is an egg-free, gluten-free treat for Santa (and your family!). Elizabeth . . .
keep reading

Eggnog Cookies
The year before my diagnosis, I made these wonderful eggnog cookies. They were a hit. I'd love to make the recipe again and I am sure your readers would be delighted with the taste of these cookies. They really taste like eggnog!
Emily Simon
New York

Dear Emily, You got me! I love eggnog. Even though eggnog hits the shelves around Thanksgiving, I force myself to wait until December 1st to buy some. These cookies do taste just like eggnog. For an eggnog fan like me, these cookies couldn't get any better.
. . .
keep reading

Candy Cane Cookies
I don't know where this recipe came from or how the tradition started but the women in my family always make a huge batch of these cookies. The cookies have broken up bits of candy cane in them. This adds a nice crunch and flavor to the cookie. Do you think they could be made gluten-free?
Sandra Lewis

Dear Sandra,
I understand why your family makes a big batch of these cookies. They are so fun to make. Coloring the dough and creating cookie candy canes is a blast. And, you're right, the addition of crushed candy canes is delicious!
Elizabeth . . . keep reading

Pecan Tassies
I've got a request for you! Pecan Tassies! Every Christmas my Mom makes a batch of these cookie-tarts. On Christmas Eve, the adults in our family exchange gifts. A strong cup of coffee and more than a few of these goodies make the evening even more special. Hope you can help. Debbie Bakacs Washington Debbie, Since I'm allergic to nuts, I've never eaten a Pecan Tassie. But others in the test kitchen had! This classic recipe from Kraft, is now gluten-free. Let the gift exchange begin! Elizabeth . . . keep reading

Spice Drops
These cookies have such a different but delicious taste! Every year I used to make a double batch for Christmas. After offering a cookie to guests, I would ask if they could guess my "secret ingredient". No one ever guessed! (It's black pepper) I would certainly love to bake these again. Would you consider creating a gluten-free version of this old family recipes? Thanks! Stephanie Murphy Wisconsin Dear Stephanie, What a great cookie. The black pepper doesn't add heat; it wonderfully boosts the other spices. Not only do these cookies taste like the holidays, they seem to get better with age! After a few days, they harden a bit, but dunked into coffee or tea, they're perfect! Elizabeth . . . keep reading

Stained Glass Window Cookies
Each year, my family decorates a mini-Christmas tree with cookies. Our favorite cookies to make were "Stained Glass Window cookies". They are so pretty and taste so good. Any chance you could make a gluten-free version? Shelly Moore Minnesota Dear Shelly, put cookies on your tree! While I've never used cookies as ornaments, my tree decorations include strings of popcorn and cranberries. Plus, a generous amount of candy canes dotting the tree. I think if I add any more food, I'll have to display the tree in the kitchen. Please send us a picture of your gluten-free cookie tree! Elizabeth . . . keep reading

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