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(member recipe) 1 Minute Hard-Cooked (Hard Boiled) Eggs
(member recipe) 1 Minute Hard-Cooked (Hard Boiled) Eggs

Confession time: I love egg salad.

Confession time part two: I rarely plan for egg salad. So for a long time, I just didn't make it. By the time I hard-cooked eggs and cooled them, the craving for egg salad usually had passed. (I tend to crave egg salad at lunch when I'm in a "FOOD NOW!" mood.)

But then! THEN! This past fall, we redid our kitchen floor. For a few days, the oven was out of the kitchen. This turned out to be less of a problem than you'd think. Thankfully it was early fall; so we ate lots of salads and I used the slow cooker a few times. One day in the midst of that, I looked up "microwave foods." I did this mostly for fun. Nothing really grabbed me until I saw hard-cooked eggs. Even though I'd seen advertisements for Eggies, I never really believed you could microwave eggs. That sounded...well, it sounded nuts to me.

Yet things that are nuts are sometimes fun to try. So I grabbed some custard cups, eggs, and headed to the microwave. OH.MY.GOD. It worked! The eggs "hard cooked." Well, mostly. Let me clarify!

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Perfect Gluten-Free Single-Layer Cake
Elizabeth Barbone
Perfect Gluten-Free Single-Layer Cake

There's one go-to recipe I believe all bakers need: a single-layer cake. There's a time and place for multi-layered cake (usually birthdays and other celebrations). But a single-layer cake isn't about celebration, it's about simplicity. . . . keep reading

4 Hearty Gluten-Free Soups to Make Right Now
Elizabeth Barbone
4 Hearty Gluten-Free Soups to Make Right Now

Alright, winter. You got me. Usually I try not to complain about the weather but this year? Oh my god, this winter feels endless. So cold! So snowy! So OVER IT.

Since I can't control the weather (darn it!), I can control what I make. And with a winter like this, I want soup. Lots of soup.

Here are four of my favorite hearty winter soups.

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The Easiest EVER Gluten-Free Valentine's Day Cookies
Elizabeth Barbone
The Easiest EVER Gluten-Free Valentine's Day Cookies

Want to make Valentine's Day cookies? Don't have much time? I've got the gluten-free recipe for you! . . . keep reading

Homemade Takeout: Pork Fried Rice (member recipe)
Homemade Takeout: Pork Fried Rice (member recipe)

Traditional recipes for pork fried rice call for leftover rice. This is great if 1. you remember to make extra rice. 2. you know in advance that one night you'll crave pork fried rice. Since it's a dish I used to order from Chinese restaurants on busy nights, I tend not to crave it in advance. So I created a workaround: I prepare it the same way I do rice pilaf. It's easy. Here, I'll show. you. . . . keep reading

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