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Cookie Recipes continued

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Classic Almond Cookies
Looking for a nice cookie? Something to go with a cup of tea? Then this is the cookie for you. It doesn't have chocolate chips or anything fancy. Just flours, butter, sugar, eggs, and almonds. And for this delicious cookie, that is enough! . . . keep reading

Honey Cakes
There are countless variations of "Honey Cakes" from Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark. This version is easy to make and wonderfully soft and flavorful. I think of them as a cross between a cookie and a cake. . . . keep reading

Ah! The simplicity of shortbread. You won't find any chocolate, nuts, or citrus zests in my recipe. Nope. The only flavors are butter and vanilla. And, honestly, what more do you need? . . . keep reading

Vanilla Refrigerator Cookies
Dear Elizabeth,
For years I made vanilla refrigerator cookies. As a young mother I liked the fact that this recipe made six dozen cookies. I'd make a batch and freeze half the dough. Now, as a grandmother, I'd like to make them for my celiac grandchildren. Please adapt the recipe.
Dear Dorie,
I love your recipe! There is nothing like a classic refrigerator cookie. I've converted the recipe for your grandchildren. Good for you for keeping this tradition alive for your family!
Elizabeth . . .
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Sour Cream Cookies
Dear Elizabeth,
I've sent a recipe for sour cream cookies that was a family favorite for many years. My husband's grandmother loved to bake cookies. When my children were three and five years old she was in town visiting and came to our house for an afternoon of baking. She came in the house saying, "The cookie monster is here!" My children giggled with delight. Unfortunately she is no longer with us, but I think of her often, especially when baking. My children, now teenagers, would love to eat their great-grandmother's cookies again.
Amy B.
Dear Amy,
Thanks for sending me this delicious, easy recipe. I can see why it became a family classic. I love the delicate flavor the sour cream provides. Plus, any recipe that calls for cutting out dough with a flour coated drinking glass is a hit in my book!
Elizabeth . . .
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Jam Filled Cream Cheese Cookies
Dear Elizabeth,
I feel like I am writing a letter to Santa. The recipe I've sent you is for my most favorite cookies. I have missed them so much. Last year I cheated, for the first and last time, by sneaking one of these cookies after I made them. I refuse to let that happen this year. Could you convert the recipe?
Tracy M.
Dear Tracy,
I don't like to hear about anyone cheating on their diet. But, I won't lecture you. Instead, I've converted your recipe so, hopefully, you won't cheat this year. Remember, you are worth not cheating!
Elizabeth . . .
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Nut Crescents
Nut Crescents Dear Elizabeth,
If one cookie means Christmas to me, it is nut crescents. My grandmother made them, my mom made them and now I make them. One problem. My husband has Celiac and I don't make anything unless he can eat it. I am hoping you can change the recipe to make it gluten-free. It would mean a lot to me.
Marcia J.
Dear Marcia,
When I read your letter I was surprised that no one had requested these cookies before. You're right; they are a classic Christmas cookie. Rich and buttery, these powdered sugar dusted cookies look gorgeous on a cookie platter. Thanks for requesting this classic recipe.
Elizabeth . . .
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Brown Sugar Drops
Dear Elizabeth,
I have a funny Christmas cookie story for you. Each year my mom would make these cookies when she wanted us out of the kitchen! I've never seen a recipe like this. You make the dough on the stovetop and then you need to keep it warm while you work. Since it requires cooking sugar, she told us we could not be around while she made it. Of course, she would then put on her favorite Christmas music and enjoy some time without the kids. We were rewarded for staying out of her way with a plate of these cookies. Now I am a busy mom and would like to make these cookies. I hope the recipe can be converted.
Carol B.
Dear Carol,
After looking at your recipe, I understand why your mom didn't want little ones running around her feet while she made these cookies. And, after taking one bite of the cookies, I understood why she made them year after year. They're delicious. Since the brown sugar and butter are cooked, the cookies have an amazing caramel flavor. I loved the process of making and eating them. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Elizabeth . . .
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Molasses Cookies
Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for converting holiday cookie recipes. When I saw the notice in the newsletter, I knew I had to dig out my recipe for molasses cookies. My mom would make these cookies on Christmas Eve. I've always thought of them as "molasses sugar cookies" because that is what they taste like to me. A few years ago I attempted a gluten-free conversion of the recipe. They were hard and broke apart easily. I'd like to make them again. Any help or hints you can give me would be appreciated.
Monica R.
Dear Monica,
What a lovely Christmas Eve tradition. In my family, we always ate a big meal Christmas Eve, so there was no way we'd be making cookies! Your recipe reminds me of a cross between a sugar cookie and gingerbread. I hope you enjoy making this cookie on Christmas Eve.
Elilzabeth . . .
keep reading

Christmas Cherry Drops
Dear Elizabeth,
This recipe is an oldie but goodie. I can't even remember when I started making these cookies. Would you convert this recipe for your holiday issue? Thanks!
Kelly M.
Dear Kelly,
Aren't the best recipes "oldies but goodies?" I loved how easy these cookies were to make. By the way, I am a fan of chocolate covered cherries; so, I dipped a few of these cookies into melted chocolate. It was like eating a cookie version of my favorite holiday candy. Yum!
Elizabeth . . .
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If you're not from the Northeast you might not be familiar with snickerdoodles. I hate to break it to chocolate fans, but this cookie does not contain snickers. Sorry. But don't let that deter you! Snickerdoodles are yummy sugar cookies rolled in cinnamon sugar. They travel well, making them perfect for lunchboxes. . . . keep reading

Cookie Pops
Next time you need to bring a special treat to school, consider making a batch of these cookies. Studded with M&M's and baked right on a stick, these are as fun to make as they are to eat. . . . keep reading

Animal Crackers
I love Barnum's Animal Crackers. Those cute little red boxes with the circus animals on them always make me smile. Here is a gluten-free recipe for those fun lemon flavored cracker-cookies. . . . keep reading

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies
This isn't just another recipe for chocolate chip cookies! Oh no! This recipe is special. It makes fabulously chewy cookies that happen to be dairy-free/soy-free as well as gluten-free. Try it! . . . keep reading

No Bake Rocky Road Drops
Sometimes it's too hot to turn on the oven. These quick, no-bake cookies are for those days. Combining marshmallows, chocolate, raisins and corn flakes, these cookies appeal to kids of all ages. I suggest making a batch or two for the next picnic. Our rocky road drops are fun summer eating at its best. . . . keep reading

Ice Cream Cones
I'll admit it. I have a few, um, odd food quirks. Here's one: I won't eat ice cream unless it is in a cone. I could take a very foodie stance on the matter. I could tell you that I like the contrast between the cool, smooth ice cream and the crunchy cone. And maybe that's true. But, really, I just love cones. Sometimes, I'll eat plain ice cream cones as a snack. This recipe really celebrates the ice cream cone. They're crisp and slightly sweet. Most importantly, they don't overpower the ice cream! A good cone needs to be subtle. Enjoy eating these with, or without, ice cream. . . . keep reading

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