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(free recipe) How to Make Peanut Butter Cup Eggs for Easter
Elizabeth Barbone
(free recipe) How to Make Peanut Butter Cup Eggs for Easter

Here's a question I ask each year when Easter candy hits the shelves: why are regular Reese's peanut butter cups gluten-free but the seasonal shapes, like eggs, not gluten-free? While I'm sure it has something to do with how the seasonal items are shaped, the whiny part of me just wants to say, "Whhhhhhhy?!?!" Because even though I can count on one hand how many times I eat peanut butter cups during the year, I love those peanut butter-filled eggs.

. . .
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Anise Tea Cookies (member recipe)
Elizabeth Barbone
Anise Tea Cookies (member recipe)

April 1, 2014

These little beauties are flavored with anise oil and go perfectly with a cup of tea! . . . keep reading

Friday Favorites
Elizabeth Barbone
Friday Favorites

I don't know about you but I'm really ready for the weekend. So before the week ends, I wanted to share some things that are making me happy. Add your "happy" in the comments. We could all use an extra dash of joy! . . . keep reading

(member recipe) Four Grain Fluffy Pancakes
Elizabeth Barbone
(member recipe) Four Grain Fluffy Pancakes

As I'm sure you've noticed, I love pancakes! Last Sunday, I made a batch of whole-grain pancakes that was flavored with just the tiniest bit of cinnamon. Oh.My.Goodness. These pancakes were so flavorful and so fluffy! I can't wait for this Sunday so I can make these again.

And for folks who limit their rice intake, these are totally free of rice. I used a combination of cornflour (finely ground cornmeal, not cornstarch), gluten-free oat flour, sorghum flour, and millet flour. Whoa. That seems like a lot doesn't it? To make the recipe easier, I recommend mixing your flours together the night before you plan to make pancakes. This way, you don't need to measure out lots of flours while you're blurry eyed. Oh, you're a morning person and don't get blurry eyed? I TOTALLY envy you! . . . keep reading

(free recipe) One Bowl Dairy-Free/Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake
(free recipe) One Bowl Dairy-Free/Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

After creating a recipe for gluten-free vanilla layer cake, two things came to mind: cake is awesome and I should bake more cake.

My husband's birthday gave me the perfect excuse to bake more cake! (Although, honestly, did I really need a reason?) I thought I'd try a dairy-free chocolate version of the yellow cake I recently made. So I replaced the butter with liquid vegetable oil, reduced the amount of potato starch, and added cocoa powder. Finally, I swapped the milk for coffee.

The results worked really well. Like the original, the batter came together quickly and the cake baked up high with a delicate crumb. The coffee adds a depth of flavor without turning it into a mocha cake. If you don't like coffee, the cake works well made with water or a dairy-free milk. (Of course, if dairy isn't an issue for you, just use milk.)

Since this is a small-batch recipe, it's a perfect recipe to make whenever because...cake.

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Displaying Matches 45 thru 49 of 1027 Found BACK NEXT

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