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Cookie Recipes continued

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Basic Chocolate Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
These chocolate cookies are light and crunchy. Honestly, these are the best chocolate cookies I have ever eaten! You must try this recipe! . . . keep reading

Rich Jam Thumprint Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
These cookies look like little gems. And they taste even better! Using egg yolks adds an extra layer of richness to these simple cookies. These are on my list to leave out for Santa! . . . keep reading

Quick Orange Sablé Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
I've said it before, but sometime you just need a simple cookie. Something that goes with a cup of tea and a chat with a friend. This is one of those cookies. The orange zest and oil lightly scents the dough without overpowering the delicate butter flavor. I *love* these cookies so much that I keep a log of them in the freezer for those nights when nothing but a warm cookie will do! . . . keep reading

Truffle Thumbprint Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
This recipe was inspired by my mother who disliked the "Christmas Kisses" cookies because of the hard chocolate kiss. She mentioned she might like the cookie if the chocolate was soft. So, after giving it some thought, I created this recipe for her. Now what was that old expression about necessity being the mother of invention? . . . keep reading

Peppermint Crunch Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Peppermint bark inspired this cookie. Crunch candy canes and mini-chocolate chips combine to make a cookie that tastes just like Christmas! . . . keep reading

Lime Sandwich Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Citrus is a traditional holiday gift. I decided to use that often overlooked citrus, the lime, to add some zip to these sandwich cookies. Everyone who tried them went back for another! . . . keep reading

Christmas Kisses Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
The classic version of this cookie includes a peanut butter cookie base. I've updated the recipe to use a sugar cookie base--not only does it taste *great* it is safe for our peanut-free friends to enjoy! . . . keep reading

Almond Crescent Recipe plus Video!
Elizabeth Barbone
Many readers asked me to create a recipe for Almond Crescents. I think of these cookies as one of the classic cookies of the season. With its delicate almond flavor and just enough powdered sugar to leave a hint of a mustache on the eater, you can easily taste why this cookie is a classic! Plus, shaping the dough into cute crescents is fun for bakers of all ages. . . . keep reading

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Chocolate and spices go very well together. This cookie celebrates the depth of chocolate plus introduces the warmth of ground spices. . . . keep reading

Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
I created this recipe for my sister-friend Jessica. She loves peanut butter cups and cookies. So, I combined the two. I'll be giving her a tin of these cookies for Christmas. Don't tell her, okay? . . . keep reading

Spicy Butter Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
These cookies aren't quite butter cookies or gingerbread cookies. They fall somewhere in between and they are heavenly! . . . keep reading

Basic Butter Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
This is one amazing recipe. In fact, it is the base for nine other wonderful cookie recipes! On its own, it makes delicate, buttery rolled cookies. In other variations, it makes almond crescents, lime sandwiches, orange sables and many others! This is a recipe you will be using again and again this season. I know I will be! . . . keep reading

Santa's Whiskers
Reader Sandy R. asked me to convert her favorite Christmas cookie recipe, Santa's Whiskers. This egg-free recipe is studded with candied cherries and pressed into coconut. These cookies are bursting with flavor! . . . keep reading

Lime Bar Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
While creating my lime sandwich cookie recipe, I was reminded how much I like lime! Each year I make lemon bars, this year I thought it would be fun to make lime bars instead. I did and they were a big hit. . . . keep reading

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dear Elizabeth,
I know you have created chocolate chip cookie recipe before. I was wondering if you would consider converting mine. It originally came from the Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Cookbook. I've made this recipe for years and my family really misses it. We love it for its buttery flavor and minimal chocolate chips. I know it sounds funny to want just a few chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies, but this way the taste of the cookie really comes through. Plus, these cookies are great for making ice cream sandwiches.
Chris M.
Dear Chris,
I love that your chocolate chip cookie recipe came from Ben and Jerry's! My mother is from their hometown of Burlington, Vermont. She fondly remembers waiting in line for ice cream when "Ben and Jerry's" was just a local ice cream parlor.
You are right; I have created several chocolate chip cookie variations. Like most recipes, there is not one "right one" and I enjoy sampling the multitude of variations available. This recipe is easy to make and resplendent with brown sugar, butter and vanilla. The chocolate chips are really an accent, not a centerpiece. Thank you for sharing this recipe! . . .
keep reading

Classic Almond Cookies
Looking for a nice cookie? Something to go with a cup of tea? Then this is the cookie for you. It doesn't have chocolate chips or anything fancy. Just flours, butter, sugar, eggs, and almonds. And for this delicious cookie, that is enough! . . . keep reading

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