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Brownies/Bar Recipes continued

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Date Nut Bar Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Many readers asked for a date nut bar recipe. This one is not only easy to make but has the wonderfully rich flavors you'd expect in a date bar. Enjoy! . . . keep reading

Cranberry Orange Walnut Bar Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Cranberries, Walnuts, and Oranges are classic holiday flavors. They team up with my brown sugar butter bars to make a delightful (and delightfully easy) dessert. These bars are great served warm with a dusting of powdered sugar. . . . keep reading

Lime Bar Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
While creating my lime sandwich cookie recipe, I was reminded how much I like lime! Each year I make lemon bars, this year I thought it would be fun to make lime bars instead. I did and they were a big hit. . . . keep reading

Brown Sugar Butter Bar Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
I can't tell you how much I love these bars! They are by far the easiest recipe I have made in a long time--and I make *lots* of easy recipes. You don't even need an electric mixer to put this recipe together! If you are pressed for time (and who isn't?) but still want to make homemade treats for Christmas, I highly recommend this recipe. Now that you know how easy they are, let's talk about the flavor. This recipe causes me to fall in love with baking all over again. A quick scan of the ingredients reveals there isn't anything out of the ordinary in the bars. Just dry ingredients, brown sugar, butter, and an egg. There isn't even vanilla in this recipe! However, you won't miss it. The butter and brown sugar are cooked on the stove. This coaxes out nuanced flavors in both--think deep caramel and brown butter! . . . keep reading

S'More Cookie Bars
S'More Cookie Bars Making s'mores is one of the hallmarks of summer. This cookie bar celebrates great taste of s'mores--and doesn't require an open fire! . . . keep reading

Outrageous Brownies
Dear Elizabeth,
I was watching the Food Network today and saw the Barefoot Contessa make a pan of "Outrageous Brownies." My mouth was watering while I watched. Please consider converting this recipe to gluten-free. I'd love to try those brownies!
Alice P. Dear Alice,
Ina Garten, aka "The Barefoot Contessa," is one of my favorite culinary personalities. She has done it all from catering to owning a gourmet food shop to writing cookbooks. And, as you mentioned, she has a great show on FoodTV. After I received your e-mail, I looked up her brownie recipe. No wonder she calls them "outrageous!" Her recipe contains one pound of butter and six extra large eggs! Whoa! I've made the recipe gluten-free. Enjoy it in all its outrageousness.
Elizabeth . . .
keep reading

No-Bake Cereal Bars
Dear Elizabeth,
Last summer I saw a recipe for no-bake cereal bars that looked really good. I made a few changes, the cereal being the first, and they were a hit with my family. Anytime there is a barbeque I bring a pan of these goodies. They are almost like candy! I always go home with an empty pan. I think your readers would like this simple recipe. Please consider sharing it.
Terri B.
Dear Terri,
Wow! You have packed a lot of flavor into these bars. Coconut, walnuts, peanut butter cereal all come together to make a nice no-bake dessert. I'm sure my readers will love this easy recipe. (I love that you don't need to turn the stove on to make it.)
Elizabeth . . .
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Pecan Bars
Dear Elizabeth,
My family does a "dessert night" before Mother's Day each year. This allows us to enjoy each other's company and frees us to enjoy Mother's Day with our immediate family. My sisters and I always bring one or two desserts to my mother's home. I like to bring a pan of pecan bars, because my mother loves pecans. Last year when I made the recipe, the base fell apart when cut. We were left with crumbs on our plates instead of a nice bar. Thank goodness my family likes to laugh, because we had a good belly laugh over this one! Please help!
Dear Maureen,
A dessert night sounds yummy! What a nice way to celebrate Mother's Day. Since I am allergic to tree nuts I had to test this recipe using almonds. Once I had it down, I passed it along to a trusted recipe tester who tried the recipe using pecans. She loved them! This is her e-mail to me, "I can see why Maureen wanted you to convert this recipe. It is like a pecan pie with a shortbread crust. So, so, so good! This recipe is going into my collection." I am sure you will feel the same way!
Elizabeth . . .
keep reading

Peppermint Patty Brownies
In my never-ending quest for the perfect peppermint brownie, I present to you the "peppermint patty brownie." In the past, I've created peppermint brownie recipes that include peppermint oil in the brownie batter. This recipe gets its peppermint punch from peppermint patties. They add a lovely hit of mint, along with a sweet creamy burst throughout the batter. I really like these brownies and I hope you do too! If you get a chance, tell me what your favorite peppermint brownie is at I look forward to hearing from you! . . . keep reading

Coconut Macaroon Bars
Dear Elizabeth,
I used to buy a "coconut macaroon bar" at my local bakery. It had a shortbread crust and a sweet coconut topping with a thin layer of chocolate. Almost like a "Mounds" candy bar turned into a cookie. Obviously, I don't have the recipe. Do you think you could come up with a gluten-free version?
Kelly M.
Dear Kelly,
My reaction to your letter was "Yum!" Coconut Macaroon bars sounded so good! I understand why you'd want a recipe for them. While developing the recipe, I kept having trouble with the crust. Then I decided to bake the crust first, and then add the topping. This was key. The result was a nice crisp shortbread crust with a gooey coconut topping. I've added these bars to my current list of favorite desserts. Thanks for the request!
Elizabeth . . .
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Gooey Butter Bars
Dear Elizabeth,
I used to make a recipe called "gooey butter bars." They are a ridiculously rich cake/blond brownie that my family adores. The thing is, my recipe used cake mix. I've tried gluten-free cake mixes, but they just don't come out right. Can you adapt the recipe for me?
Thanks! Linda
Dear Linda,
I'd heard of gooey butter cakes, but I'd never tried them. Thanks for sharing the recipe. You weren't kidding when you said they were rich! This is one of those desserts where a little piece goes a very long way. Enjoy the adapted recipe. No one will guess it is gluten-free!
Elizabeth . . .
keep reading

Quick Carrot Cake Bars
One of my more unusual food allergies is to carrots. Yet, when a note crossed my desk from reader Eliza G. I decided to convert the recipe, relying on others taste buds. They tell me the gluten-free version tastes just like Eliza's original. Here is what she has to say about these bars: "I love carrot cake. Since having big cake around isn't always feasible, I created this recipe years ago. This way I can enjoy the good taste of a carrot cake without having to make a layer cake. Over the years, I "lightened" up the recipe with applesauce. It's excellent, moist and flavorful. Occasionally, when I feel like a splurge, I'll ice the bars with cream cheese icing. Last fall I was diagnosed a celiac. Lately I've been craving these bars. Please consider converting the recipe." Eliza G. Here is the recipe, along with Eliza's cream cheese icing for times you feel like splurging. . . . keep reading

Mint Brownies
Dear Elizabeth,
I know you did a mint brownie recipe in 2004; so, I don't know if you will consider my request. Let me tell you about my mint brownies. They are different from yours. Mine have a dense chocolatey base with a peppermint cheesecake topping. If that isn't enough, they are then topped with a thick chocolate icing. When done, they are insanely good. I'd love to make a gluten-free batch this Christmas. I am hoping you'll consider my request. Thanks!
Charlene L.

Dear Charlene,
You're right. A few years ago I did print a mint brownie recipe. But one of the things I love about food is that you can have limitless versions of one recipe. Your mint brownie recipe is very, very different from the one I printed. I really like your peppermint cheesecake topping. Thanks for sharing your version of mint brownies.
Elizabeth . . . keep reading

Gluten-Free Cereal Bars
Michelle K. sent me this e-mail:

"My daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac and she misses the "Cheerios Cereal Bars" that she ate in the college cafeteria. I'd love a recipe. Can you help?"

Michele had a fun request for me. However, it wasn't as easy as I expected it to be. After munching through a few Cheerios Cereal bars, I decided to try making a batch. A taste test of that first batch indicated they were missing something. See, the Cheerios bars had bits of something in them other than Cheerios. After pulling a bar apart, I decided the bits looked liked graham crackers. For the next test, I added broken pieces of rice bran crackers. It was just what they needed! Enjoy! . . . keep reading

Banana Bars
While researching Twinkies, I learned that the original Twinkies contained a banana filling. (If you think about it, they kinda look like bananas.) Twinkies haven't had a banana filling since World War II, but the idea of a banana bar sounded good to me. This recipe is the result! I hope you enjoy it. . . . keep reading

Blueberry Cheesecake Bars
Thanks so much for all your recipes. I wanted to share a recipe with your readers for a cheesecake I've been making for years. When I was diagnosed, it was easy to convert this recipe to gluten-free. I just needed to use gluten-free cookies instead of my traditional graham crackers. Honestly, I don't think anyone even noticed! Anytime I'm invited to a cookout, this cheesecakes comes with me. I hope you enjoy it! Laurel Madison

Thanks Laurel! I certainly enjoyed this easy cheesecake recipe. The addition of jam in these bars enhances the fruit flavor nicely! In addition to blueberries, try this recipe with raspberries and raspberry jam or strawberries and strawberry jam. Honestly, any summer fruit would be outstanding in this recipe! Thanks for the recipe Laurel! . . . keep reading

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