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Pie Recipes continued

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New Piecrust
I love tinkering with recipes. Over four years ago, I created a gluten-free piecrust recipe. While I was happy with the recipe, I began to tinker with it several months ago. This new recipe includes an egg and uses shortening instead of butter. The result is a flaky piecrust that is perfect for any pie. Let me know how you like the "new and improved" recipe versus our original! . . . keep reading

Alsatian Onion Tart
This tart is pure comfort food. Is it a 30-minute meal? No. Yet, on a wintry weekend, I don't want a 30-minute meal. I enjoy preparing the dough and cooking the onions. And, I think the preparation (or should I say anticipation?) makes the tart taste even better. . . . keep reading

Gluten-Free Rustic Pear Tart Recipe
Have you ever noticed that the most delicious desserts often look plain? Yet, POW! When you take a bite, a flavor explosion! This plain-Jane dessert packs amazing flavor into every bite. The buttery crust, the soft, sweet pears and the spices all come together flawlessly. Plus, you don't need a tart pan to make this dessert! The next time you see ripe pears in the market, pick up a few. Make this dessert and celebrate the beauty of autumn. . . . keep reading

Chocolate Pie with Gluten-Free Pretzel Crust Recipe
I love chocolate covered gluten-free pretzels! Yet, I hadn't heard of using a pretzel crust until a few months ago. Intrigued, I made a pie. It was fantastic. The filling comes together very quickly. I make it before going to bed at night, so it will be waiting to be served the next day for dessert. Yum! . . . keep reading

Classic Gluten-Free Peach Pie Recipe
When making this recipe, please, please, please, use only the ripest, most fragrant peaches. Nothing else will do! Why? Well, peach pie needs to scream "PEACH" from the top of its lungs. If your peaches are under ripe, the flavor just won't be as wonderful. And, really, if you are going to heat up the kitchen, heat it up for a marvelous pie, not a mediocre one. . . . keep reading

Gluten-Free Blueberry Pie Recipe
Ever notice that when you hold a plate of warm blueberry pie in your lap, summer suddenly feels more "summery"? For fun, I always freeze several pints of blueberries during the height of the season. Then, in the darkest days of winter, I pull them out of the freezer and make a blueberry pie. After sinking my teeth into that first bite of "winter blueberry pie" I am reminded that snow doesn't last forever and good things are to come. . . . keep reading

Easy Gluten-Free Banana Cream Pie Recipe
My mom is the queen of pies. She won so many ribbons at the local fair, they asked her to stop competing. So, when she said recently, "I made a quick banana cream pie." I listened. She put a piece of the pie in front of me and handed me a fork. Of course, I asked what was in it. "It is nothing you are allergic to and I am not telling until you eat a piece." Now, my mom knows my allergies as well as I do, so I took a bite. The pie was smooth, velvety and had a pleasant vanilla flavor. It wasn't her usual filling, but it was good. After telling her I liked it, she reveled her secret. The filling was made using cook and serve pudding doctored with a splash of vanilla. Since the pie takes only about 10 minutes to make from crust to filling, I thought you would like the recipe. Remember to add the extra vanilla; it really does make a difference. . . . keep reading

Gluten-Free Chocolate Ganache Tart Recipe
When I was a student at the Culinary Institute of America, I made a version of this recipe in the Caterina de Medici restaurant. It was called "Torta Mona Lisa." I am not sure how it got that name. Maybe it comes from the pleased smile guests had on their faces when they took a bite. . . . keep reading

Triple Berry Cheesecake Pie Recipe
Ohhh, this recipe is so good. It combines three of my favorites: cheesecake, pie and fresh berries. . . . keep reading

Pumpkin Pie Recipe
This recipe is a Thanksgiving classic. Enjoy it! . . . keep reading

Pie Crust Cookie Recipe
Have some leftover pie crust? Make these cookies! (They are so good you might find yourself making pie dough *just* to enjoy these cookies!) . . . keep reading

Pie Crust I Recipe
This is my original pie crust recipe. It is gluten-free AND egg free! . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 17 thru 28 of 28 Found BACK 

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