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Product Reviews continued

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REVIEW: Thai Kitchen Original Pad Thai
REVIEW: Thai Kitchen Original Pad ThaiThai Kitchen Original Pad Thai

It all started with Lilli and Loo--that great, gluten-free friendly restaurant in NYC. One day, while waiting for a meeting with my publisher, my husband and I grabbed a quick lunch at Lilli and Loo. Greg ordered Pad Thai. At the risk of sounding like a culinary-bore, neither of us had ever eaten Pad Thai. It was one of those dishes that we kept meaning to sample but never got around to actually eating.

Finally, the opportunity to eat Pad Thai presented itself. This is a wonderful dish, made with rice noodles, chicken, eggs and a flavorful sauce. From the first bite, Greg thoroughly enjoyed it. (It goes without saying that I sampled a few, okay, several, bites of Greg's lunch. I had to agree, it was tremendous.)

I headed home and attempted to make homemade Pad Thai. My results were good but, honestly, it was a bit of a pain to make from scratch. I made it a few times, mostly on a Sunday night, and then forgot about the dish.

One day, at Price Chopper, I noticed Thai Kitchen's Pad Thai Mix boldly proclaiming that it was "Gluten-Free." I put the box in my cart. Now I had to find out if it was any good. . . . keep reading

REVIEW: Erewhon
REVIEW: Erewhon

Lately I had fallen into a bit of rut when it came to breakfast cereal. Rice Chex and I had been spending far too many mornings together. So, when Erewhon sent me some cereal to sample, I was more than happy to try it out.

The box that grabbed my attention was the "Crispy Brown Rice with Mixed Berries". Honestly, it was the idea of "Real" raspberries, strawberries and blueberries that intrigued me. I guess as adults we have traded in crunchy marshmallows in our cereal for freeze dried fruit? It sounded good but how would it taste?

. . . keep reading

PROFILE: Joan's Great GF Bakes
PROFILE: Joan's Great GF BakesSeveral members wanted to know more about Joan's GF Great Bakes. I sampled their bagels (fantastic, by the way)and learned more about Joan and her interesting journey into gluten-free baking.

. . .
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REVIEW: Gillian's Pasta
REVIEW: Gillian's Pasta Recently, while at my local health food store, I noticed new bags of gluten-free penne pasta. The bright bag was emblazoned with "Gillian's Foods" on the front. To be honest, I've heard of Gillian's but have never had the chance to try any of their products. I thought this was a good time to give them a whirl.

. . .
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New Chicken Broth Labeled Gluten-Free!
New Chicken Broth Labeled Gluten-Free! A new chicken broth by a well-known makers proudly states "Gluten-Free" right on the box. Click to learn more!

. . .
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REVIEW: Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies
REVIEW: Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies I try Cherrybook Kitchen's Mini-Chocolate Chip Cookies. Do these cute cookies taste as good as their packaging looks? . . . keep reading

PROFILE: Everybody Eats
PROFILE: Everybody EatsEverybody Eats! Is a wonderful gluten-free bakery. I'm happy to profile this bakery to kick off my new series. Click to learn more about Everybody Eats, their interesting background and their delicious baguettes!

. . .
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REVIEW: Gluten-Free Pantry Brownie Mix
REVIEW: Gluten-Free Pantry Brownie Mix I found a box of Gluten-Free Pantry Brownies at Wal-Mart! Would these low price brownies be yummy? I found out for you!

. . .
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REVIEW: Candy Tree Licorice
REVIEW: Candy Tree Licorice I love licorice! Sometimes gluten-free licorice just doesn't measure up. So, it was with slight hesitation I tried Candy Tree's Organic Licorice Laces.

. . .
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Mainstream Product with Gluten-Free on the Label!
Mainstream Product with Gluten-Free on the Label! Another Mainstream Product has put the words "gluten-free" right on the label! How exciting is that?

. . .
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REVIEW: Dr. Praegers Fish Sticks
REVIEW: Dr. Praegers Fish SticksREVIEW: Dr. Praegers Fish Sticks Something must have been in the air about Dr. Praegers Fish Sticks because withing two days I'd received three requests for a review of this product. I headed

. . .
keep reading

News for Yogurt Eaters
News for Yogurt Eaters Lurking under the foil tab on this yogurt is important news for gluten-free eaters. . . . keep reading

REVIEW: PF Chang's China Bistro
REVIEW: PF Chang's China Bistro I finally visit PF Chang's China Bistro and sample their gluten-free menu.

. . .
keep reading

REVIEW: Mi-Del Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Elizabeth Barbone
REVIEW: Mi-Del Chocolate Sandwich CookiesCraving a gluten-free Oreo-style cookie? Elizabeth tries Mi-Del Chocolate Sandwich Cookies to see if they deliver. . . . keep reading

Mainstream Cereal Now Gluten-Free
Elizabeth Barbone
Mainstream Cereal Now Gluten-Free WooHoo! A mainstream cereal now has "Gluten-Free" printed right on the box . . . keep reading

REVIEW: Schar Pasta
REVIEW: Schar Pasta Is this super-pricey pasta worth it? Elizabeth finds out!

. . .
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