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Side Dish Recipes continued

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Warm Tomatoes with Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Recipe
There is nothing better than warm-from-the-garden summer tomatoes. For those of us that don't grow tomatoes, this easy recipe is a great way to replicate that warmth. . . . keep reading

Corn on the Cob 101 Recipe
I have a confession to make. I grew up in a house where corn was abused on a regular basis in the summer. My mother, a wonderful cook and baker, would put on a pan of boiling water and cook fresh corn for about 20 minutes. Urgh! The corn was always bland and tough. It is now my mission to save people from overcooking corn. When fresh corn is cooked correctly, it is sweet and tender. By following the cooking time and suggestions below, you will have amazing fresh corn. (And yes, I am sending a copy of this to my mother…) One last note, boil your corn after everyone is in the kitchen ready to eat. The corn only takes 1 1/2 minutes to cook and tastes so much better if served immediately. . . . keep reading

Classic Potato Salad Recipe
Let's be honest for a moment, too many people think potato salad means a big bowl of mayonnaise dotted with lumps of mushy potatoes. YUCK! This potato salad recipe, developed by Greg, uses Yukon gold potatoes, herbs, olives, and pickles. It is a very different dish from the overly mayo-ed salads found at too many pot-luck suppers. . . . keep reading

Spring Asparagus Recipe
I love this recipe. It celebrates the delicate flavor of asparagus and enhances it just enough. . . . keep reading

Carrot Salad Recipe
This is not a carrot salad recipe made with gobs of mayonnaise. I think the mayo blunts the delicate flavor of the carrots, and it looks rather unappetizing in the bowl. Our carrot salad, made with a light vinaigrette, is fresh and crunchy. It is a perfect accompaniment to a big holiday meal or a great side salad for a quick weeknight dinner. This recipe calls for raisins and dried cranberries; dried cherries are also wonderful in the salad. . . . keep reading

Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe
Nigella Lawson, my favorite food writer, states, "There is nothing worse than biting into a potato gratin that bites back." I couldn't agree more. I don't eat au gratin potatoes very often, maybe once or twice a year, but when I do, I know what I want. The potatoes should be soft and creamy, embraced in a velvety-smooth cream sauce with a slightly crunchy cheese topping. I got the idea for boiling the potatoes in milk, before baking, from Nigella's great television show and companion book Nigella Bites. Here is my version of the recipe, which I adore; I hope you do too! . . . keep reading

Easy Spinach with Onions Recipe
I love fresh spinach. However, when preparing a large family meal or during a weeknight dinner, I don't always have time to wash and cook fresh spinach. This is when frozen spinach comes in very handy. . . . keep reading

Elegant Winter Salad Recipe with Pears and Pomegranates
When most people think about salad, they think of summer greens. This salad recipe celebrates winter. It balances the sweetness of pears and pomegranates with the sharpness of endive. Try it for a different spin on salad. . . . keep reading

Cranberry Relish Recipe
A super easy cranberry relish recipe that can be put together in under five minutes. . . . keep reading

Classic Green Bean Casserole Recipe
Campbell's Mushroom Soup-based green bean casserole recipe is a Thanksgiving classic, but it is loaded with gluten. Here is a gluten-free version that tastes even better than the original. . . . keep reading

Sweet Potato Gratin Recipe
Sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving are almost as standard as the turkey. This recipe allows the earthy-sweet flavors of the sweet potatoes to shine. If you must have marshmallows on top of your sweet potatoes, go ahead and top this dish with them -- it is your Thanksgiving after all. . . . keep reading

Cornbread Dressing/Stuffing Recipe
Looking for a cornbread stuffing recipe? Look no further! This recipe is easy AND delightful! . . . keep reading

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