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Cake Recipes continued

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Brown Sugar Maple Glazed Cupcake Bites
Brown Sugar Maple Glazed Cupcake Bites

It might seem odd that I am posting a recipe for Brown Sugar Maple Cupcake Bites in March. Many people associate the flavor of maple with fall. Not me. Maple is one of those flavors that I love all year long. In fact, I find myself thinking about maple in the spring more than any other season.

As I drive around my community, I see lots of Sugar Maple Trees with plastic tubes and buckets attached to their bases. Why? People are collecting sap! It is a wonderful sign of spring. While I have never collected sap myself, my husband and I had a chance to see sap running the other day. During a walk, we heard "drip, drip, drip." Now it hadn't rained for days. As the sound grew louder we both spied a tree dripping sap from a broken limb. (Sadly we had a terrible ice storm this year that destroyed lots of beautiful trees.)

After that walk, the thought of maple was fresh in my mind. It is amazing to me how clear sap becomes wonderfully sticky, fragrant syrup. I decided that I wanted to create a recipe to honor this time of the year.

I headed into the kitchen and made delightful brown sugar cupcake bites with a maple brown sugar glaze. The cake is so tender; it almost melts in your mouth. I'll admit these cupcakes don't pack a huge maple punch. More like a whisper of maple. I guess this is like the fresh sap that runs in March , not yet full bodied but just enough to delightfully carry you along. . . . keep reading

Lemon Cupcakes with Lime Icing
Lemon Cupcakes with Lime Icing Cupcakes are everywhere! Blogs, cookbooks, "cupcakeries" and more celebrate the cupcake.

I thought it was time that gluten-free eaters got in on the fun! So, for the next week, I am celebrating "Cupcake Days" at I'll be bringing you new, easy and delicious gluten-free cupcakes.

I'm kicking off "Cupcake Days" with a light spring-themed cupcake: Lemon Cupcakes with Lime Icing. The cupcakes are really easy to make. Simply whisk together the dry ingredients, add the wet ingredients and, boom, you've got a cupcake!

The icing is a nice change of pace from plain vanilla buttercream. I've used lime flavoring (you can use lime juice if you have it on hand) to create a "sweet tart" icing. Just for fun, I added a few drops of green food coloring. Of course, you don't have to do this! Either way, these cupcakes will look and taste delicious!

. . . keep reading

Hot Fudge Pudding Cake
Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

There is so much I want to tell you about this recipe. First, I need to tell you how I received it. Laurie, a long time member, had sent it--along with other recipes--for me to convert AGES ago. Poor Laurie! For some reason, I never got around to converting her recipes. Then we met at the opening of Sweet Christine's Gluten-Free Confections in November. Laurie asked if she could send her recipes to me, again. Of course, I agreed and made a mental vow to *finally* convert Laurie's recipes.

One of recipes she sent was for "Hot Pudding Cake." Have you ever heard of "Hot Pudding Cake?" I hadn't! From Laurie's description, it sounded yummy. A cake that when baked created it own sauce! Finally, I set out to convert the recipe.

Well, this recipe tested everything I thought I knew about baking. Honestly I didn't think the recipe would work! Why? Let me tell you 1. It doesn't have an egg which can be problematic in a cake. 2. It seemed like there was too much sugar. 3. You pour hot water over the batter before baking. Just one of these elements could cause a cake to fail. But all three? I did not have high hopes, to be honest.

Then I made the cake. And, of course, I was wrong. The cake not only worked, it was amazing. The batter rose above the hot fudge sauce. So, when you scoop into the cake you are rewarded with a flow of rich, fudgy sauce.

So, thanks Laurie for waiting! Your other recipes are coming! (I promise!) And enjoy this neat recipe, folks. I think you will really like it. A cake that makes sauce? Yum!

. . .
keep reading

Mom's Chocolate Cake
Mom's Chocolate CakeI was tempted to call this "Egg-Free/Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake." But then I was afraid you might not try it for fear it would be dry. But this cake isn't dry AT ALL! In fact, it is so moist and flavorful that it doesn't need icing! It also happens to be my mom's favorite cake!

. . .
keep reading

Marble Pound Cake Recipe
Marble Pound Cake Recipe I am not going to lie. This is a rich, decedent pound cake. It's one of those cakes that just tastes special. And, the alternating chocolate and vanilla batter makes for a very lovely looking loaf. Tastes special. Looks special. What more could you ask for?

. . .
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Red Velvet Cupcakes
Red Velvet Cupcakes Until a reader requested red velvet cupcakes, I had never eaten them. Sure, I had heard of these bright red cupcakes but an opportunity to enjoy them had never come up. I knew the cupcakes would be red but I was surprised to learn just how red they are! Red velvet cupcakes are BRIGHT red!

. . .
keep reading

Weekend Pear Bundt Cake Recipe
Weekend Pear Bundt Cake Recipe Why do I call this "weekend" pear cake? Well, because the cake contains homemade pear sauce (it is made just like applesauce). The cake isn't hard to make. It just takes a little time--making the perfect cake to make on the weekend!

. . .
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Apple Cake Recipe
Apple Cake Recipe This apple cake is delightful. Oddly, it reminds me of an apple pie. I think it is because of the abundant amount of apples in the cake. Seriously this cake is loaded with apples! Beneath the cinnamon-y cake, you will find a delicious layer of soft apples. Yum!

. . .
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Moist Lemon Loaf Cake Recipe
Moist Lemon Loaf Cake RecipeThis moist lemon cake is delicious and so easy!

. . .
keep reading

Watermelon Cake
Watermelon Cake Watermelon Cake This cute cake is perfect for the the Fourth of July or any summer gathering. . . . keep reading

Lighter Carrot Cake
This carrot cake is full of flavor but not full of as many fat and calories as traditional carrot cake. Packed with pineapple, raisins, and spices, this carrot cake . . . keep reading

Amazing Allergen-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Amazing Allergen-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe I've been working on this cake for MONTHS! It is not only gluten-free but egg-free, soy-free, dairy-free and more. You must try this easy recipe! It is not only allergen-safe but delicious as well! . . . keep reading

Sour Cream Gluten-Free Coffee Cake
Elizabeth Barbone
This coffee cake is unbelievable. It is super moist and super easy to make! I made this coffee cake for the morning show on WNYT recently and it was a hit. The next time you are in the mood for coffee cake, you MUST try this recipe. . . . keep reading

Carrot Cake
Elizabeth Barbone
Fall is the perfect time for this moist, luscious carrot cake! (And as a bonus, it is really easy to make.) . . . keep reading

Crazy Lemon Cake
At first glance, this recipe might look off-putting. I mean, really, mayonnaise in cake? But mayonnaise is just an emulsion of eggs and oil. And what is in cake? Eggs and oil! American bakers have been making mayonnaise cakes for decades. I thought it was time gluten-free bakers did the same. Be sure to try this unique cake. You will be really surprised with the results. . . . keep reading

Cola Cake
Dear Elizabeth,
My mother used to make a Coca Cola cake for our family. She, at age 74, was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease. I would love to make her this cake for Mother's Day. Could you convert the recipe?
Gwen T.
Dear Gwen,
Wow! Coca Cola cake. This cake has always been on my "must try" list. I know it is popular in the south, but I've never seen it in New York. It was a joy to convert this recipe. I hope you and your mom enjoy it.
Elizabeth . . .
keep reading

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