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Dessert Recipes continued

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(Premium Member Recipe) How to Make Summer Jam Tarts
(Premium Member Recipe) How to Make Summer Jam Tarts

July 8, 2011

Sure pies are fun but for a picnic, I prefer these easy jam tarts. They are easy to tote, easy to serve, and easy to eat! . . . keep reading

Member Recipe: Cheesecake Cups
Member Recipe: Cheesecake Cups

I love cheesecake but making can be a bit of a pain. This recipe for cheesecake cups is so simple that I will throw a recipe together before friends join me for dinner. Made with cottage cheese and cream cheese, these cups aren't heavy like ordinary cheesecake. . . . keep reading

MEMBER Recipe: Apple Cobbler
MEMBER Recipe: Apple Cobbler

I love apple cobblers! They have all the flavor of an apple pie but can be made in minutes. This recipe produces a classic apple cobbler that is just begging for a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream. . . . keep reading

Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is one of easiest pies you can make. All it requires is a simple crumb crust and few ingredients for the filling. Since this pie tastes better a day after it is made, I like to make it before I go to bed--you know during the time when you are puttering around in the kitchen anyway. The next day, I am rewarded with a cold, silky, sweet-tart pie.

I serve my key lime pie with whipped cream. However, you could make a meringue with the left over egg whites if the mood strikes you! . . . keep reading

Whoopie Pies
Whoopie Pies

I hate it when I read the words, "There really are no words to describe…" My reaction is always, "Really? Really Ms. Writer? No words? That is your job. Go and find the words. When you do, report back to the rest of us. Thanks!"

Well, when I took my first bite of these whoopie pies, I heard myself saying, "Oh my! There are no words." A snack cake rendering me speechless? You know that is one amazing snack cake. I'll try to describe this luscious cake with the admonition: Once you've read the description you must, you must(!), go and bake a pan for yourself.

This is a classic whoopie pie. It's made up of two moist, flavorful, chocolately cakey-cookies held together with sweet, cloud-light icing. If you've never seen a Whoopie Pie (they are popular in the Northeast, especially Maine.) they look like an Oreo Cakester. However, an Oreo-cakester would take one look at these whoopie pies and hide itself in shame. An Oreo-Cakester is a pale, pale imitation of a Whoopie Pie.

The cake recipe contains brown sugar. I know that is a bit surprising. I don't often think of the earthy flavor of molasses as a complement to chocolate. Yet, it works. The molasses flavor fades into the background, adding just a base note and, somehow, amping up the chocolate flavor. You could eat these cakes on their own. But why would you want to? The icing, lovingly, borrowed from the Twinkie Recipe in my cookbook, puts this recipe over the top. WAY over the top. It is sweet and soft with just the slightest hint of vanilla.

Not only are these Whoopie Pies swoon-worthy, they are also easy to make. So, what are you waiting for? Go and find the ingredients and make some Whoopie (Pie)! . . . keep reading

Rice-Custard Pudding
Rice-Custard Pudding Sweet, silky and fragrant with vanilla, this rice-custard pudding is the very definition of comfort food.

And, for me, even more so. This was one of my favorite desserts from childhood. Whenever my mom made it, I would sneak to the refrigerator for a "taste."

As much as I loved this dessert as a kid, it had been years since I enjoyed it last. Then my birthday arrived. We weren't celebrating on my actual birthday because of family commitments. And, really, who wants to celebrate on a Wednesday night? Since it was my birthday, I decided I wanted to make myself something special for dessert.

As I thought about it, I mentally rejected several dessert options. Cake? We'd have it on Sunday night at my party. Cookies? Didn't feel festive enough. Pie? See cookies.

Then I thought about Rice Custard Pudding. Oh my goodness! How could I have forgotten about my beloved childhood dessert? I asked my mom for the recipe. After making a few changes (I didn't like how the original recipe made the custard.) I popped the custard into the oven right before dinner.

When dinner was over, my husband and I enjoyed warm rice-custard pudding. Heaven! Happy birthday to me! . . . keep reading

Hot Fudge Pudding Cake
Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

There is so much I want to tell you about this recipe. First, I need to tell you how I received it. Laurie, a long time member, had sent it--along with other recipes--for me to convert AGES ago. Poor Laurie! For some reason, I never got around to converting her recipes. Then we met at the opening of Sweet Christine's Gluten-Free Confections in November. Laurie asked if she could send her recipes to me, again. Of course, I agreed and made a mental vow to *finally* convert Laurie's recipes.

One of recipes she sent was for "Hot Pudding Cake." Have you ever heard of "Hot Pudding Cake?" I hadn't! From Laurie's description, it sounded yummy. A cake that when baked created it own sauce! Finally, I set out to convert the recipe.

Well, this recipe tested everything I thought I knew about baking. Honestly I didn't think the recipe would work! Why? Let me tell you 1. It doesn't have an egg which can be problematic in a cake. 2. It seemed like there was too much sugar. 3. You pour hot water over the batter before baking. Just one of these elements could cause a cake to fail. But all three? I did not have high hopes, to be honest.

Then I made the cake. And, of course, I was wrong. The cake not only worked, it was amazing. The batter rose above the hot fudge sauce. So, when you scoop into the cake you are rewarded with a flow of rich, fudgy sauce.

So, thanks Laurie for waiting! Your other recipes are coming! (I promise!) And enjoy this neat recipe, folks. I think you will really like it. A cake that makes sauce? Yum!

. . .
keep reading

Apple Cranberry Crisp Recipe
Apple Cranberry Crisp Recipe I love this apple crisp so much! Honestly, if you can peel an apple, you can make this crisp. The addition of the cranberries gives the sweet crisp a nice "pucker-y" burst of tartness.

. . .
keep reading

Crepes Yummy crepes that are great on their own with just sugar or loaded with fresh berries and cream. You will love these crepes! Thanks to Sandy for requesting the recipe.

. . .
keep reading

Spiced Shortcakes
Berries will be bursting into bloom soon. These spicy shortcakes are a nice change from plain shortcakes. I find that the cinnamon and ginger bring out . . . keep reading

Summer Fruit Pizza
This fruit pizza is a fun way to celebrate the end of summer. Simply prepare an easy crust, top with cream cheese and . . . keep reading

Cream Puffs/Pate a Choux
Cream Puffs I can't stress to you how good these are! Really, I wish I could jump off the page, look you in the eye and say, "These cream puffs are awesome." Well, in a way I guess I just did! They take a little work to make, but you are rewarded with gorgeous golden brown orbs that beg to be filled with something yummy. Honestly, these are so light, it is like biting into air. Before making, be sure to read the Baker's Note. . . . keep reading

Amazing Chocolate Cake
I love it when I a flop in the test kitchen is actually something really tasty. What do I mean? Well, this recipe began it's life as a devil dog trial. It failed miserably as a devil dog! But I couldn't stop eating it! The reason it flopped as a devil dog was because it was too light and sank a little like a soufflé. But these qualities are what makes it an amazing grown-up chocolate cake. I hope you try this "flop;" it's divine! . . . keep reading

Almond Pear Tart
When I was a student at the Culinary Institute of America, we prepared frangipane almost daily. In fact, one of my chef instructors came to dislike frangipane so much that he threatened to have a bumper sticker made proclaiming, "Ban Frangipane." I, however, disagreed. I fell in love with this sweet, rich filling the moment it hit my lips. Made from primarily almond paste, eggs, and butter, frangipane has a flavor like no other. It marries perfectly with pears. If you've never tried frangipane, this recipe is a perfect place to start. . . . keep reading

Cherry Clafouti
I first learned to make clafouti while I was a student at the Culinary Institute of America. It is one of the last recipes I remember learning. I love this dessert because it celebrates the berries. The sweet egg batter just acts to hold the berries together. Make this for dessert one night when you need something a little extra, but don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen. . . . keep reading

Shoo-Fly Coffee Cake
Dear Elizabeth,
My sister first made this coffee cake for me in 1976 when I visited her new home in Pennsylvania. Is there anyway you could convert the recipe?
Moria K.

Vermont Moira, Until you sent your sister's recipe, I had never heard of "Shoo Fly" coffee cake. The molasses flavor makes for such a nice coffee cake, I'm surprised more recipes don't include it. Here is the recipe, enjoy it! Elizabeth . . . keep reading

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