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Side Dish Recipes continued

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Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Latkes
Elizabeth Barbone
Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Latkes

November 12, 2013

Sweet Potato Latkes for Thanksgivukkah or anytime. . . .
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Member Recipe: Roasted Asparagus
Member Recipe: Roasted Asparagus

I love asparagus and roasting it is one of my favorite ways to prepare it. It sounds silly but I find that roasting asparagus yields an intensely delicate flavor. Yup. That's right. I said "intensely delicate". Once you stop laughing, make this recipe! . . . keep reading

Creamed Spinach
Creamed SpinachClassic creamed spinach is made with flour. I've created an easy, gluten-free version that everyone will enjoy!

. . .
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Sweet Potato Casserole for One Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Now, most Sweet Potato Casseroles are gluten-free. However, if your family made a gluten-filled Thanksgiving chances of cross contamination are HUGE. To avoid getting sick, make your own gluten-free casserole with this recipe. . . . keep reading

Green Bean Casserole for One Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Is your family serving gluten-filled green bean casserole? Make your this gluten-free version and enjoy it too! . . . keep reading

Fried Apples
Elizabeth Barbone
I ran into the Cracker Barrel store the other day to grab some of my friend's favorite old time candy. (It is the only place in the area that carries it.) Anyway, I noticed they were selling jars of fried apples. The fried apples looked gloppy and think and, well, kinda gross. Fried apples should be meltingly soft, with a lovely caramel sauce, cinnamon and just a hint of nutmeg. Oh, and did I mention, fried apples take less than 15 minutes to make? . . . keep reading

Lois's Rice Casserole
Dear Elizabeth,
When I was first diagnosed with Celiac, my mother was beside herself. Cooking has always been important to her. Each Sunday my family gathers at her home for "Sunday Supper." The first week of my diagnosis, I told my mom not to worry about feeding me. Of course, she did just the opposite. She scrubbed down her kitchen and set out to make a gluten-free meal for the entire family. She had been planning on making a roast with a side of garlic spinach and, our family favorite, her cheesy pasta casserole. Well, the roast and spinach did not prove to be a problem. However, the cheesy pasta clearly was an issue. At the time, she did not know about gluten-free pasta. She improvised by making the pasta dish with rice instead of noodles. What a hit! We all loved it and she has been making it ever since. I thought you would like to share the recipe with your readers. It is so easy to make. Each time I taste it, I am reminded of my mom's first gluten-free meal.
Shelia E.
Dear Shelia,
I was so touched by your mother's kindness and willingness to adapt her meal to fit your diet! You are a blessed Celiac. I made your mom's casserole for my family and everyone loved it. I am happy to share it with my readers.
Elizabeth . . .
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I need to be honest with you. Popovers take some time to make and they require a special pan. That's the negative side to popovers. Here's the positive: they taste like nothing else and are a real showstopper (Meal stopper?) on the table. I think popovers are a showstopper for a couple of reasons. For one, most folks don't make them. (See negatives above.) And, more importantly, they're beautiful. A bowl of popovers will certainly stop conversation for a moment. The reason they are so lovely is because the batter "pops" in the oven. This leaves the popovers with a hollow interior and high shiny top. If you have the time and the money to spend on a popover pan, I hope you try this recipe! . . . keep reading

If you are wondering why a recipe for hushpuppies is in a newsletter without fried fish, I don't blame you! Even though hushpuppies are usually served with fried fish, I never serve them that way. I like to serve hushpuppies when I need a break from my traditional side dishes. While they go well with most foods, I particularly like them with barbequed chicken or pork chops. Yum! Of course, you could always serve them with fried fish! No matter how you chose to serve these hushpuppies, I'm sure you will enjoy them. The recipe is excellent. . . . keep reading

Gluten-Free Clam Fritters Recipe
Several years ago, I happened onto a little lobster shack in Maine that served the most delicate clam fritters. Biting into one was like biting into a puff of air. A few months ago, I got the taste for these fritters. Never one to let a food craving go by, I set out to create a recipe. My first few attempts were flops! I wanted fritters that were light with a very delicate clam flavor. Plus, I wanted the recipe to be so easy to make that you wouldn't mind whipping up a batch at the last minute or for guests. With the help of canned clams, I finally created a recipe that met all of my criteria. . . . keep reading

Asparagus Rice Salad Recipe
This unusual salad recipe is one of my favorites. It combines the cool crunch of cucumbers with the tenderness of asparagus. . . . keep reading

Quick Gluten-Free Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe
I know, I know, there are many soup recipes that are already gluten-free. Why am I bothering to print yet another? Well, I know how much time gluten-free cooks spend in the kitchen. This recipe, from start to serving, only takes about 15 minutes. Not as fast as opening a can of soup--but it is close! . . . keep reading

Cranberry Sauce Recipe
A few years ago, an ad-ran that read, "It's cranberry sauce. Not canberry sauce." Of course, the accompanying photo was the familiar cranberry sauce. You know the one. It maintains the shape of the can long after it's placed on a dish. If that cranberry (canberry?) sauce is a family tradition, use it! If you are looking for something a little different, this is the recipe to try. Using only four ingredients, this cranberry sauce is delightful. . . . keep reading

RECIPE: Smashed Potatoes
Smashed potatoes have all the flavor of mashed potatoes but require almost no time to make. In our tests, we found using red potatoes gave us the best results. This recipe is so easy to make that it is worth the extra effort buy red potatoes. . . . keep reading

Recipe: Roasted Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Canned Sweet Potatoes? Umm, no thanks. I am not a food snob (remember my love letter to snack cakes a few months ago?) but canned candied sweet potatoes have never agreed with me. For my taste buds, they are too sweet and too mushy. This recipe is different. The maple syrup and apple cider make a delicious glaze. I also love their texture. The potatoes are cut into large chunks and roasted in the oven. The result? Soft, but not mushy, potatoes that hold their own on your plate. This recipe is so good and so easy, you might want to make it all year, not just at Thanksgiving. . . . keep reading

Warm Tomatoes with Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Recipe
There is nothing better than warm-from-the-garden summer tomatoes. For those of us that don't grow tomatoes, this easy recipe is a great way to replicate that warmth. . . . keep reading

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