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Holiday Recipes continued

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On Thanksgiving and Missing Gluten-Filled Food
Elizabeth Barbone
On Thanksgiving and Missing Gluten-Filled Food

November 27, 2013

Sometimes you just want a squishy Pillsbury crescent roll. . . . keep reading

How to Make Awesome Gluten-Free Bread Stuffing
Elizabeth Barbone
How to Make Awesome Gluten-Free Bread Stuffing

November 25, 2013

Want to make gluten-free stuffing? Here's my step-by-step and recipe!

. . . keep reading

FREE Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole
FREE Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole

Here is a confession: Until recently, I'd never had the classic marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole. Sure, we had sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving but they were roasted and not marshmallow topped.

Apparently the sweet potato fairy decided that I needed to try this dish. So I looked up some recipes. Most of the recipes I found started with a can of candied yams. To that, they added copious amounts of sugar or coca cola/ginger ale and, of course, marshmallows. I know that this is classically a really sweet side dish. However, for my tastes, the recipes I found looked a bit too sweet. I decided that I wanted to honor this dish but make it without using a canned sweet potatoes, soda or a ton of sugar. . . . keep reading

(FREE Recipe) How to Make Pomegranate-Cranberry Sauce
(FREE Recipe) How to Make Pomegranate-Cranberry Sauce

I love cranberry sauce. This year I thought it would be fun to combine the fantastic flavor of pomegranates and cranberries. You only need four ingredients to make this cranberry sauce. The subtle flavor of the pomegranate juice adds a lovely depth to the sauce. If you are looking for a slightly new twist on a classic Thanksgiving dish, this is a fun recipe to try! . . . keep reading

(Member Recipe) Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie
(Member Recipe) Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

I know pie baking can intimidate people. For Thanksgiving, I wanted to create a recipe that used a crumb crust and was so delicious that everyone (even your gluten-eating relatives) would be clamoring for the recipe.

Well, my pumpkin cheesecake pie fits the bill. Not only is it easy to make, it is insanely delicious. For the crust, I use store bought gluten-free gingersnaps. (Of course, you could use homemade gingersnaps, I will leave that up to you!) The crust is then filled with a silky-smooth pumpkin cream cheese filling. Even after a big holiday meal, people will be asking for seconds of this pie! . . . keep reading

(Member Recipe) Brown Sugar Cornbread Muffins
(Member Recipe) Brown Sugar Cornbread Muffins

Brown sugar in cornbread muffins? At first the idea sounded odd to me. Then I thought about it. Brown sugar tastes of molasses. As culinary friends go, molasses and corn get along well together!

This recipe isn't overly sweet but the buttery-caramel notes of the molasses do shine through. If you love corn muffins . . . keep reading

(Member Recipe) Quick Biscuits
(Member Recipe) Quick Biscuits

I love biscuits. Flaky biscuits. Buttermilk biscuits. Yeast-raised biscuits. There is just something wonderful about a bowl of warm biscuits covered with a tea-towel.

This recipe makes exceptionally wonderful biscuits. Now, they aren't "flaky" biscuits. These biscuits are sometimes known as "Baking Powder Biscuits". The outside texture is crunchy while the inside is soft and full of air bubbles.

These are great all year round. At Thanksgiving . . . keep reading

(Member Recipe) Miss April's Honeyed Cornbread
(Member Recipe) Miss April's Honeyed Cornbread

Dear Elizabeth,

I hope you can help me. Every year for Thanksgiving, our neighbor, Miss April, brings us a pan of cornbread. The thing is, her cornbread isn't like "normal" cornbread. It isn't dry and crumbly or moist and cakey. Miss April's cornbread is almost eggy. I've never had anything like it! Calling it cornbread seems wrong but since that is what Miss April calls it, that is what I call it.

Now that I am gluten-free, I will have to watch everyone dig into this treat. Miss April was nice enough to give me a copy of the recipe to send to you. Would you please convert this beloved favorite? That way I can make up a batch and eat along with my family.

Linda, Arkansas

Well Linda had a challenge for me! Her e-mail was correct . . . keep reading

Holiday Cookie: Bark, two ways
Holiday Cookie: Bark, two waysBarks are so easy to make. Perfect for Christmas Eve! . . . keep reading

Holiday Cookie: Gingerbread Boys (NEW)
Holiday Cookie: Gingerbread Boys (NEW) This gingerbread recipe was requested by Anna S. of Mount Clemens. MI. It typifies what I love about baking! This gingerbread cookie recipe is wildly different from my original gingerbread cookie recipe! Where mine is firm and full of molasses, this recipe is buttery and sweet with a nice aroma of spices! I love that in baking you can have almost endless variations of a recipe! And, to be honest, I both of the recipes! Anna's is really a tasty delight and is the only gingerbread cookie I will be making this year. . . . keep reading

Holiday Cookie: Gluten-Free Sables
Holiday Cookie: Gluten-Free Sables Slice and bake cookies are not a new baking idea. Rather, the French have been doing it forever with their classic Sables. These tender, delicate cookies are easy to make and taste of butter and vanilla. Before baking, the dough log is coated with coarse granulated sugar, giving the cookies a wonderful sugar-ary crunch. Of course, you can use plain, white coarse sugar. Or you can use colored sugar to celebrate the season.

. . .
keep reading

Apple Cranberry Crisp Recipe
Apple Cranberry Crisp Recipe I love this apple crisp so much! Honestly, if you can peel an apple, you can make this crisp. The addition of the cranberries gives the sweet crisp a nice "pucker-y" burst of tartness.

. . .
keep reading

Gluten-Free Easter Recipes
Here are some of my favorite Easter Recipes . . . keep reading

Roasted Turkey Leg Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
If your family fills their turkey with gluten-filled stuffing, bring your own turkey legs and munch away! . . . keep reading

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving for One Recipes
Elizabeth Barbone
While it would be great if every Thanksgiving meal was gluten-free for Celiac eaters, that is not the reality for many people. . . . keep reading

Apple Pie for One Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
The perfect finish to your gluten-free Thanksgiving for one is this easy pie! . . . keep reading

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