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(product review) KitchenAid Ice Cream Scoop
Elizabeth Barbone
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July 17, 2013

So this is weird. Until recently, I never used an ice cream scoop to scoop ice cream. It's not that I didn't have one on hand. I did. Let me show you.



See. Lots of trigger-style ice cream scoops.

But (BUT!) in my kitchen, those scoops are used for muffin batter, cookies, and truffles. For some reason, my brain never shouted, “Hey! You! Use the medium scoop for ice cream (duh).”

So when I received a Kitchen Aid ice cream scoop in the “swag bag” at the recent Food Blog Forum conference, I got excited! A real ice cream scoop! (Yes. It's true. I thought this. Even with all those scoops in my kitchen. Welcome to my brain!)

Since mid-May I've used this scoop and I'm in LOVE. It's easy to scoop even the hardest ice cream with this sturdy scoop. And, I must say, the bowls of ice cream and ice cream cones that I dish up with this handy scoop look really pretty. You just drag the scoop over the ice cream and a pretty scoop appears. Magic!

Unlike trigger-style scoops, this one is really easy to clean. Just wash it with warm water and you're done! There's no little "arm" for the ice cream to get stuck under. I believe you can wash it in the dishwasher, too.

How about you? What do you use to scoop ice cream? A fancy scoop? A kitchen spoon? A fork? (Don't laugh. My friend “scoops” her ice cream with a fork.)

If you want it, here's the link (It's an affiliate link. So I make a couple pennies if you use it.)

And you need some ice cream to go with that scoop, right? How about my recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? Mmm....cookie dough ice cream. 

*All opinions are mine and mine alone. KitchenAid provided the scoop to attendees of the Food Blog forum. But they don't know about this review nor did they ask me to post it. 

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