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(mix it up) King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Cookie Mix Review
Elizabeth Barbone
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February 20, 2013

(mix it up)  King Arthur Flour Cookie Mix Review.

Don't you love it when life hands you an opportunity to laugh at yourself? Thanks to King Arthur Flour's  Gluten-Free Cookie Mix and some poor reading comprehension skills on my part, I recently enjoyed a good belly laugh at ME.

Let's see if you catch my mistake.

Take a look at this box:


Ooohh...Chocolate Chip Cookies! Yummy, right?

But, did you miss this?

I did!

I really thought I bought a box of “chocolate chip cookie mix.” Somehow even though I DID read the ingredients, I didn't notice that the mix did NOT contain chocolate chips. Was this 100% my fault? Yes. Was it hilarious when I poured the mix into a bowl and wondered where the heck the chocolate chips were? Yes. I think I stood there and blinked at the bowl for a few seconds looking at the chip-less mix before I realized my mistake. Then I started laughing!

One I stopped laughing, I grabbed a bag of chocolate chips and followed the easy directions for making the cookies. I added butter, eggs, water, and, ahem, chocolate chips. The cookie dough came together easily. As always, I used my KitchenAid mixer. This mix makes a thick dough. And while I think a good handheld mixer could churn through it, I didn't test it with a handheld mixer. If you do, let me know how it goes!

For my chocolate chip cookie recipe, I use dark brown sugar. The King Arthur mix seems to use light brown sugar. So right away the cookie dough looked a little pale to me. I wondered how the finished cookies would look. As you know, sometimes gluten-free baked goods are unpleasantly pale.

The directions called for me to drop the dough from a spoon and then “gently flatten cookies.” I skipped this step. I know. Terrible. Instead I used a cookie scoop and didn't press down the dough. I could tell that the dough would spread just fine on it's own.

I popped the pan in the oven and set my timer.

About thirteen minutes later, the cookies were done. They looked good! Nice and golden brown. During baking, they'd spread but not too much. I was glad I hadn't pressed the dough down before baking.

After letting the cookies cool for a few minutes (who doesn't love a warm chocolate chip cookie?), we tried them. Yum! Thanks to the light brown sugar, these cookies weren't as molasses-y as my recipe but they were tasty! The cookies weren't gritty, didn't fall apart in your hand, and weren't too sweet. Everyone agreed that for a mix, they were great.

There's just one drawback to me. And it's a big one. The price. I paid $6.99 for the mix. Then I had to add a bag of my own chocolate chips. That's another $3.65. So 24 cookies cost $10.65---and that doesn't take into account the butter or eggs. Yikes! For me, that really does border on too much.

(In comparison, my homemade recipe would cost about $4.25 to make. A huge savings.)

Price aside, these cookies certainly are tasty! As always, King Arthur Flour delivers quality products.  

But at that price? Hmm...I don't know if I'd buy them again.

What do you think? Is the price worth it to you?

Taste: A
Ease of Use: A
Price: C

PS--I bought this mix and opinions posted in the review are my own.

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