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(free recipe) Gluten-Free/Rice-Free Graham Crackers
Jenn Moeny
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January 24, 2013

From Elizabeth Barbone
When Jenn Moeny posted a recipe for rice-free and gluten-free graham crackers on Facebook, I knew I wanted to share it with you. She graciously agreed to write a guest post---and share her amazing recipe! Take it away, Jenn!

My latest recipe challenge came in the form of a campfire for the boys at church.  They were going to be roasting marshmallows and making s'mores.  This sounds like a lovely chocolatey, sticky fun time for a hoard of boys.  To this mom it brought nervousness, and a challenge.  I could take the easy route and buy the store bought "graham crackers" that frankly taste nothing like real graham crackers and are thick as a fig newton (gluten-filled one of course), or I could 'whip up' a homemade graham cracker the boys could take with them.  Easy as, or not.  

Because I have a sensitivity to rice I have to tweak even gluten free recipes since most call for rice flour.  To keep track of the changes I keep a binder to chronicle my recipe 'tweaks'. With  a failed graham cracker recipe in my binder and knew I at least had a jumping off point.  I decided against a trip to the store, because I had all the ingredients on hand to give it a try (all the while being thankful that there was a back-up option if this recipe tweak was an epic fail).  

Fortunately, this recipe 'tweak' turned out really well!  The graham crackers brought back memories of eating those wonderful rectangle shaped cracker cookies out of the plastic wrappers.  The taste and smell were there!  

After letting the boys try them, it hit me again that they didn't know what "real" graham crackers taste like.  (Moments like that bring pangs of sadness at what they are missing out on by not eating traditional "gluten" foods, quickly replaced by relief that they don't have to eat something that makes them sick.)

In the end, with the graham crackers from this recipe, my boys were able to join in the fun of marshmallow melted goodness on graham crackers with their friends...burned marshmallow torches and all. :)



Jenn Moeny blogs at Mud Pies and Cranberry Tea go Allergen Free. Visit her for more gluten-free, rice-free, and dairy-free recipes.

Click above for the recipe.

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