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Home | Substiution Guide

Does your diet exclude more than just gluten? This is the place for you! Below you will find substitutions for egg, dairy, corn, soy, potato-free diets.

Cornstarch and Potato Starch Substitutions
To replace cornstarch and/or potato starch in a recipe use the following substitution . . . keep reading
Potato Starch Replacement
To replace potato starch in a recipe, substitute an equal amount of . . . keep reading
Corn Substitutions
Corn Substitutions Corn-free diets can be especially challenging. The following replacement will make baking gluten-free and corn-free a little easier. . . . keep reading
Egg Substitution
Eggs are a vital element in baked goods. Understanding the many roles they play helps determine the best replacement for eggs in your baked good. Eggs: aid in the leaving process. provide c . . . keep reading
Milk Substitution
Milk, whether powdered or liquid, contributes greatly to baked goods. Milk moistens the dry ingredients. binds ingredients together. provides fat, thereby adding to the shelf li . . . keep reading
Butter Substitution
Butter Butter is an essential element in many baked goods. Not what you want to hear if you have a milk allergy. But there is hope, butter can be replaced with a solid vegetable f . . . keep reading

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