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Hearing from Subscribers is one of the best parts of my day! Here is what a few readers have to say about

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. Your muffin and bread recipes are so good I can't believe they are gluten-free. Thanks again for all the work you do.
Shelia R.

Delicious gluten-free recipes. I thought that was an oxymoron. You proved it wasn't. I love your chocolate chip cookies. They are just like the wheat ones I used to make all the time.
Carol A.

I love your graham cracker recipe. I recently went camping and didn't need to miss out on eating s'mores this time. Also, the sandwich bread recipe is the BEST!
Bryan K.

Your recipes make it so easy to stick to my diet. All of your suggestions have made baking a snap. My entire family loves all your recipes.
Jane R.

I have purchased many cookbooks, but I find myself using your recipes more than any of the cookbooks I own. Your recipes are wonderful. Please, for the sake of all gluten-free cooks, keep up the great work.
Heather S.

Your bread is the best! I love the hamburger buns and the sandwich bread. I never thought I could make bread, but your recipes are so easy to follow that I have had great success.
Julia B.

I make the chocolate chip cookies all the time and absolutely love them. The highlight of my month is getting my new recipes from you. Thanks for all you do to make gluten-free baking so delicious.
Sue K.

I just made my first loaf of gluten-free bread. Well, that is not true. This is the first loaf of gluten-free bread I've made that can be consumed. I am just amazed. Your recipes are out-of-this world. And during the entire process, I had fun! What a kick!
Linda L.


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