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Home | Cracker Recipes

Delicate and crisp, my cracker recipes are super easy to make and even easier to eat!

Saltine Cracker Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Looking for an excellent cracker recipe that is easy to prepare? Try this one. These saltines bake up light and flaky. . . . keep reading
Animal Crackers
I love Barnum's Animal Crackers. Those cute little red boxes with the circus animals on them always make me smile. Here is a gluten-free recipe for those fun lemon flavored cracker-cookies. . . . keep reading
Cheese Straws
I only make cheese twists when I entertain. So they always feel like party food to me. This recipe is surprisingly easy to make. Just be sure to use cold butter or your twists won't be as light as they can be. Served with wine, fruit, and nuts, these cheese twists really shine. Enjoy! . . . keep reading
Gluten-Free Ritz-y Cracker Recipe
Cheese and crackers. I don't eat them often, but I can't imagine starting a holiday meal without them. These crackers taste just like Ritz crackers. If your family loves crackers, consider making a double batch of this recipe. If you're very lucky, there might be some leftover! . . . keep reading
Gluten-Free Cheese Cracker Recipe
You might think making your own gluten-free crackers would be a day long event. With this recipe, it doesn't need to be. Mix the dough a day, or so, before you plan to bake the crackers. Then all you need to do is preheat the oven, slice the crackers into very thin coins and bake. In five minutes, you can enjoy crispy, cheesy crackers. . . . keep reading

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