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Time for sugar cookies, gingerbread boys and much, much more! Request your favorite at

Coconut Chocolate Bar Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
This rich recipe is a take on a classic chocolate chip cookie bar. This version, with dark brown sugar and coconut, seems especially festive for this time of year! . . . keep reading
Date Nut Bar Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Many readers asked for a date nut bar recipe. This one is not only easy to make but has the wonderfully rich flavors you'd expect in a date bar. Enjoy! . . . keep reading
Cranberry Orange Walnut Bar Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Cranberries, Walnuts, and Oranges are classic holiday flavors. They team up with my brown sugar butter bars to make a delightful (and delightfully easy) dessert. These bars are great served warm with a dusting of powdered sugar. . . . keep reading
Chocolate Linzer Cookie Recipe
Classic linzer cookies get a chocolate makeover with this easy recipe. . . . keep reading
Mocha Sandwich Cookie Recipe
I'll admit it. I am a Starbucks girl. So, of course, after taking one bite of these cookies I was in love. . . . keep reading
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Recipe
While converting this recipe to gluten-free for Shirely R, I thought of my grandmother. She would always eat macadamia nuts at Christmas. This cookie is a special treat for anyone who loves macadamia nuts. . . . keep reading
Coconut Almond Chocolate Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Coconut Almond Chocolate Cookie Recipe 1 recipe Basic Chocolate Cookies 1 cup sweetened flaked coconut approximately 48 whole al . . . keep reading
Cranberry Chocolate Drop Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
I love dried cranberries. Last summer, I had chocolate covered cranberries in Maine. Thinking about those yummy drops, I created this recipe. The crunchy cookie and soft cranberries makes for an especially yummy combination! . . . keep reading
Chocolate Almond Snowball Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
I love Mexican wedding cookies. This is my chocolate cookie of that wonderful cookie. . . . keep reading
Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Think of these cookies as a winter gluten-free oreo with a creamy, soft peppermint filling. Santa will want two of these! . . . keep reading
Rich Jam Thumprint Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
These cookies look like little gems. And they taste even better! Using egg yolks adds an extra layer of richness to these simple cookies. These are on my list to leave out for Santa! . . . keep reading
Quick Orange Sablé Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
I've said it before, but sometime you just need a simple cookie. Something that goes with a cup of tea and a chat with a friend. This is one of those cookies. The orange zest and oil lightly scents the dough without overpowering the delicate butter flavor. I *love* these cookies so much that I keep a log of them in the freezer for those nights when nothing but a warm cookie will do! . . . keep reading
Truffle Thumbprint Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
This recipe was inspired by my mother who disliked the "Christmas Kisses" cookies because of the hard chocolate kiss. She mentioned she might like the cookie if the chocolate was soft. So, after giving it some thought, I created this recipe for her. Now what was that old expression about necessity being the mother of invention? . . . keep reading
Peppermint Crunch Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Peppermint bark inspired this cookie. Crunch candy canes and mini-chocolate chips combine to make a cookie that tastes just like Christmas! . . . keep reading
Lime Sandwich Cookie Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
Citrus is a traditional holiday gift. I decided to use that often overlooked citrus, the lime, to add some zip to these sandwich cookies. Everyone who tried them went back for another! . . . keep reading
Christmas Kisses Recipe
Elizabeth Barbone
The classic version of this cookie includes a peanut butter cookie base. I've updated the recipe to use a sugar cookie base--not only does it taste *great* it is safe for our peanut-free friends to enjoy! . . . keep reading
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