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This is the place for "quick bread" recipes. What's a quick bread? It is a bread made with baking soda and/or baking powder, not yeast. Common quick breads include banana bread, carrot bread, and zucchini bread. But, we have some fantastic "uncommon" quick breads like cheddar dill, too!

Member Recipe: Savory Corn-Sorghum-Cilantro Pancakes
Elizabeth Barbone - April 17, 2014
Member Recipe: Savory Corn-Sorghum-Cilantro Pancakes

Savory pancakes are such an easy and delicious side dish! . . . keep reading

Copycat Recipe: Starbucks Pumpkin Scones (Free Recipe)
Copycat Recipe: Starbucks Pumpkin Scones (Free Recipe)

December 10, 2013

These pumpkin scones make a great gift either for yourself or for someone you love. . . . keep reading

(free recipe) Whole Grain Pancakes
Elizabeth Barbone
(free recipe) Whole Grain Pancakes

February 11, 2013

Fluffy whole grain pancakes that can be made egg-free and dairy-free? YUP! . . . keep reading

(Member Recipe) Brown Sugar Banana Flax Muffins
(Member Recipe) Brown Sugar Banana Flax Muffins

April 30, 2012

Do you ever plan to bake banana muffins? Honestly, I don't! What usually happens is that I notice that the bananas that are on the counter have tipped from, "Oh! Nice and ripe!" to "Time to make banana bread!"

This happened the other day. And while I love my usual recipe for banana bread, I decided to do something just a little different with this recipe. That's the fun of baking. A little tweak--in this case ground flax and brown sugar--is enough to make your taste buds sit up and say, "I like this."

Here's how to make the muffins:

. . .
keep reading
Apple Cider Muffins
Elizabeth Barbone
Apple cider doughnuts are an ever-popular fall treat in the Northeast. I was inspired by their flavor and created these wonderful muffins. The flavor celebrates the best of fall AND they are really easy to make! . . . keep reading
Lemon Poppy Zucchini Bread
Elizabeth Barbone
This gluten-free recipe is a twist on two classics: Lemon Poppy Seed Bread and Zucchini Bread. It is easy to make and yields two great loaves--one for enjoying now and one for the freezer . . . keep reading
Hearty Cornbread Muffins
I always seem to bake more cornbread in the summer than any other time of year. I think it goes so well with summer foods: fried chicken, dinner salads, and barbecues. This recipe adds a little punch to traditional cornbread. It contains whole kernel corn and cheddar cheese. Spread with just a little soft butter, these muffins are sure to win you compliments. . . . keep reading
Cream Scones
Summer fruits call for biscuits and scones. This recipe uses heavy cream to produce a scone that is soft and crumbly all at the same time--just as a good scone should be. Serve these with whipped cream and the freshest berries you can find. . . . keep reading
Brown Sugar Pound Cake
Dear Elizabeth,
My sister recently made a pound cake that I am dying to try! It is a brown sugar pound cake. She brought it to a family party and I could smell the butter, vanilla and brown sugar from across the room. Of course, her version wasn't gluten-free. I had to be content to just sniff the air. Boy, was that hard! Would you please convert the recipe?
Julia K.
Dear Julia,
What an awful temptation. The cake is fantastic. I hope you share the gluten-free recipe with your sister so she can bring a "safe" dessert for you to enjoy at your next get together.
Elizabeth . . .
keep reading
Buttermilk Corn Sticks
While I was a student at the Culinary Institute of America, I had to make corn sticks everyday during my class at the American Bounty restaurant. Four corn stick pans, made out of cast iron, where placed on a large sheet pan. This pan was incredibly heavy. Once day a fellow student backed into me just as I was taking a corn stick pan out of the oven. His force pushed the hot pan against my forearm. The pan was so hot, I could hear my skin burning, sizzling really. It was the worst burn I received while at the CIA. (In fact, I think it is the worst burn I have ever received.)

It is a testament to how much I love these corn sticks that I still make them after this experience--and I do. The corn sticks require special pans. You can find them at cooking shops. . . . keep reading

Yogurt Muffins
While I love muffins that are packed with goodies, sometimes I just want a plain muffin in the morning. This recipe, for slightly sweet, slightly tangy muffins is ideal for those days when a hot cup of tea and "something plain" is all my stomach wants. They freeze beautifully. So, even if you don't want something plain every morning, make a batch of these muffins and freeze them. Then, when the mood strikes, you will be all set. . . . keep reading
Winter Lemon Bread
My love affair with the lemon grows in the winter. After the tree has been taken down and the lights put away, my home feels a little "blah." I like to put a big bowl of lemons (and sometimes oranges and grapefruits) in the kitchen. The fragrance is enough to shake anyone out of the winter doldrums. Plus, the lemons coax me into the kitchen. Holiday baking is over but that doesn't mean that warm, comfort baking must stop. One of my favorite lemon recipes is lemon bread. I usually make it on a Friday night and by Sunday there rarely is any left. It's one of those good breads that everyone picks at throughout the weekend. This isn't a problem for me. I have a bowl of lemons just waiting to be used... . . . keep reading
Sweet Potato Biscuits
When I first saw a recipe for sweet potato biscuits, I thought the name sounded almost like an oxymoron. How could biscuits contain sweet potatoes. Biscuits are light and fluffy. Sweet potatoes are dense and fibrous. I didn't think it would work. Of course, when I think a recipe shouldn't work, I try it. Much to my surprise the biscuits did work and they weren't heavy!

Since the biscuits require cooked, mashed sweet potatoes, they are a perfect way to use a few leftover Thanksgiving sweet potatoes. I usually serve them with ham, but this time of the year, I think they would be ideal with turkey! . . . keep reading

Apple Cider Doughnuts
I love cider doughnuts. Did you hear me? I LOVE cider doughnuts. Honestly, most of the year, I don't give doughnuts a second thought, but when October rolls around I'm in the mood for doughnuts. You might be scratching your head wondering what makes cider doughnuts so special. Well, let me tell you! Cider doughnuts are bursting with the flavors of fall. You see, while these doughnuts might look similar to a plain doughnut tossed in cinnamon-sugar, they are so much more. Beneath the crunchy cinnamon-sugar coating, you're treated to a light doughnut abounding with spices and the essence of fresh apple cider. . . . keep reading
Shoo-Fly Coffee Cake
Dear Elizabeth,
My sister first made this coffee cake for me in 1976 when I visited her new home in Pennsylvania. Is there anyway you could convert the recipe?
Moria K.

Vermont Moira, Until you sent your sister's recipe, I had never heard of "Shoo Fly" coffee cake. The molasses flavor makes for such a nice coffee cake, I'm surprised more recipes don't include it. Here is the recipe, enjoy it! Elizabeth . . . keep reading

Zucchini Muffins
It's that time of year again! Gardens are bursting with zucchini. This recipe is ideal for zucchini that are too big. You know the ones! Neighbors famously drop off monstrously large zucchinis. Really big zucchini are usually tough and lackluster when cooked. Not in this recipe! Shred that zucchini and use it to make these muffins. I promise the muffins will be wonderfully moist and flavorful! . . . keep reading
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