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This is the place for sandwich bread, hot dog buns, hamburger rolls or anything else made with yeast!

Cinnamon Swirl Coffeecake
Dear Elizabeth I have a challenge for you. I'm hoping you can convert this recipe to gluten-free. I tried but failed. My attempt was tasty but too sweet. It rose only about 1" even with two packets of yeast!
Dear Carol,
Your original recipe was a "one bowl" recipe. My recipe isn't one bowl (although I tried!) but the taste is fantastic. The recipe did prove to be a challenge. The addition of baking powder provided the lift the bread needed. I hope you'll enjoy the recipe!
Elizabeth . . .
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I want to talk about how wonderful these blini are! I like to think of them as a nice cross between a pancake and a crepe. I like them so much that I offer you one piece of advice: If you've never had blini make them. and soon! Since they are often served with sour cream and caviar you might consider making them for New Year's Eve. Don't relegate them to New Year's however. Make them whenever you want a little something different. In fact, blini are good for dinner and breakfast. On a Saturday night, make a batch for dinner and save some batter. Then, on Sunday morning, you'll wake up to an already prepared pancake batter. A drizzle of maple syrup and some crispy bacon are ideal companions to blini. An easy to make dish that is as comfortable on the dinner table as it is on the breakfast table. Could it get any better? I didn't think so. . . . keep reading
Brown Sandwich Bread
I can't believe I've never shared this recipe with you! I created it for my gluten-free breads class, years ago. This brown bread is a dark variation on our regular sandwich bread. Like all of our recipes, it does not contain bean flours. Instead, I've used a combination of brown rice flour and sorghum flour, to achieve a rich, wholegrain flavor. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my early students did! . . . keep reading
Imagine living only blocks away from an annual festival where over 52,000 wheat-filled pastries are baked! In June, each year, St. Ludmila Parish in Cedar Rapids, Iowa holds their annual Kolach Festival. Reader Theresa Brandon lives only blocks away from the festival. I can't even imagine what the smell of 52,000 baking Kolaches must be like!
Over a year ago, Theresa requested a recipe for gluten-free Kolach. Before working on this recipe, I had never heard of Kolach! After a bit of research, I found out that these yeast-raised pastries originated in Eastern Europe. While there are many recipes, and variations of Kolach, I focused on converting the recipes Theresa e-mailed me.
This turned out to be a huge challenge! Out of all the recipes I have converted to gluten-free, this recipe was one of the trickiest. Working with two of Theresa's family recipes, I finally created a gluten-free Kolach! And it only took me about 65 tries!
Now onto the important part! What do these goodies taste like? Dotted with a fruit topping, either fruit, prune, or poppy seed, these pastries will melt in your mouth. Well, of course, they are unique, but they remind me a little of a Danish pastry.
You might not make 52,000 Kolaches, but I suggest you make a double batch. They freeze wonderfully!
. . .
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Gluten-Free Sticky Cinnamon Bun Recipe
I created this recipe a few years ago for my advanced gluten-free bread making class. It was a hit. I am happy to share the recipe with you. These buns take a little time to make, but they are worth it. If you have time, make a double batch. They freeze wonderfully. . . . keep reading
Gluten-Free Three Seed Bread Recipe
Looking for a gluten-free bread recipe with more girth than sandwich bread? Sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds (along with sorghum flour) combine to give this bread a nice hearty flavor without being too heavy. I love this bread lightly toasted and spread with peanut butter for a late-morning snack. Now, I know this bread has a long list of ingredients. If you toast the seeds and measure out the dry ingredients the night before you plan to make the bread, the process will go very quickly! Enjoy this bread! . . . keep reading
Gluten-Free Baguettes and Crusty Roll Recipe
Traditional wheat baguettes have only four ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt. To replicate that flavor, I attempted many gluten-free baguette recipes. My first experiments were big flops! The resulting baguettes were dry and crumbly--not chewy and crusty. I kept going back and revising the recipe. Finally, I added an egg to the dough. It worked. These baguettes are crusty and chewy, just as they should be. Make this recipe when you have the time to linger around the house. Unlike my sandwich bread recipe, the baguettes/rolls require two rises. . . . keep reading
Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread Recipe
This cinnamon raisin bread is based on our popular sandwich bread recipe. Sorghum flour has a hearty flavor that combines well with the cinnamon and raisins. Of course, I like this bread toasted and spread with butter. . . . keep reading
Gluten- Free Hot Dog/ Hamburger Bun Recipe
I don't mean to boast, but I think this is the best recipe for bread we have published. These buns are light, fluffy, easy-to-make and hold up to a juicy hamburger or freshly grilled hot dog. Did I mention they taste fantastic? If you can't already tell, I adore this recipe. I test our recipes 30-40 times prior to publication. I think this recipe was tested twice that amount. Why? I had very, very specific requirements for gluten-free hot dog/hamburger buns.
  • They needed to rise quickly. Who wants to spend all day making hot dog buns?
  • They needed to be light and moist. Hot dog and hamburger buns should not take center stage.
  • They needed to complement, but never compete with the star of the show--the hot dog or hamburger.
  • They could not require special equipment. This recipe works well with or without hot dog/hamburger rings. . . . keep reading
  • Seasoned Bread Crumb Recipe
    Use this recipe when you need to dredge chicken and pork or whenever else you need bread crumbs with a little flavor. . . . keep reading
    Bread Crumb Recipe
    Never made breadcrumbs? It's super easy! Here is the recipe! . . . keep reading
    White Sandwich Bread Recipe
    White Sandwich Bread Recipe This is one of the recipes that started it all. I taught it in my original baking class. The recipe has been baked by thousands of gluten-free bakers. Join them! . . . keep reading

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