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Home | Blog | Taste Test: Gluten-Free Matzo

Taste Test: Gluten-Free Matzo
Elizabeth Barbone
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March 20, 2013

Matzo Taste Test: Yehuda Matzo vs. Manischewitz Matzo

I love matzo. A lot. Even though we weren't members of the Jewish faith, there was always a box of matzo in the cabinet when I was a kid. As an adult, in what can only be described as a loving blending of faith and food, I always made Ruth Reichl's matzah brei on Easter Sunday.

After going gluten-free, I missed matzo. Sure I tried to bake it from scratch but, I'll be honest, it wasn't the same. So for a long time,  I went without.

Years ago, I heard rumors of an oat gluten-free matzo. But I never found them in my area. When I looked them up online , they were $40.00 for a box. (!!!) seems like my love for matzo does have a limit. A $40.00 per box limit.

You can imagine my excitement when, about two years ago, my local grocery store started carrying Yehuda matzo. At around $8.99 a box they were still pricey but they weren't $40.00 a box. I bought them. And loved them.

Then (THEN!) this year, I noticed that Manischewitz began offering gluten-free matzo.

For fun, I wanted to do a taste test between the two brands. Since there were only two brands, this taste test was not as extensive as the chocolate sandwich cookie taste test I hosted a few weeks ago. Instead, I asked my husband and a few friends to try the matzo and share their thoughts.

As always, the tasting was blind. Each tester ate the samples in a different order to prevent palate fatigue and basis.

The Winner


Yehuda Matzo

Overall: 7.89

Flavor: 7.7

Texture: 7.3

Tasting Notes

Oh my goodness, everyone loved these matzo. “So tasty!” and “I'm not usually a matzo-eater but I can't stop eating these.”  “Is it just me or do these have a faint potato chip taste to them.” (Elizabeth's note: There is potato starch in the ingredients.)


The only drawback? The texture. These matzo are delicate. Really delicate. Several sheets came out of the box broken. “I love how crunchy these are but they fall apart kind of easily” and “This matzo is by far the flakiest gluten-free cracker I've ever had. It reminds me of a really good saltine.”

Get 'em online or at your local grocery store. Here they are on Amazon: Yehuda Gluten-Free Matzo (affiliate link.)

Second Place


Manischewitz Matzo

Overall: 6.8

Flavor: 6.1

Texture: 6.5

A solid second choice, no one disliked the Manischewitz matzo. They just didn't like is as much as the winner, Yehuda.

Tasters quickly noticed that the Manischewitz matzo were paler than the Yehuda matzo. “I eat with my eyes and these look so bland. Why are they so white?”


But the flavor and texture made up for it. “I love how sturdy these are. I could see actually spreading something on them or making a matzo pizza. Unlike the other sample, these hold up.”

“These are dense but not in a bad way. Like a regular matzo, there's not a lot going on flavor-wise but that's ok. They taste like a matzo to me.”

Ask for them where Manischewitz products are sold. I could not find them on-line.

From Elizabeth

I didn't partake in the taste test* but I do have a favorite. Like my tasters, I prefer Yehuda but really like the Manischewitz matzo too. My preference for Yehuda is because of the texture. I love how flaky they are. We're talking crunchy, flakey goodness. They are more expensive than the Manischewitz matzo but, for me, worth it.

In this taste test, honestly, I think gluten-free matzo eaters are the winner. We finally have choices. Yay!

* I never partake in the taste tests because I'm the one that puts the sample plates together. This means I know which brands are which!

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