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Home | Blog | (recipe) Elizabeths Special Sauce

(recipe) Elizabeth's Special Sauce
Elizabeth Barbone
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July 16, 2013

It seems I've lied to myself for several years. I thought I knew how to make a mock “special sauce*” at home--yes that special sauce sauce made famous by McDonald's Big Macs. Turns out, I was wrong. Really wrong.

*It's not even called “special sauce". On McDonald's site, they refer to it as “Big Mac Sauce.” My world just flipped upside down.

The other night, as Greg cooked burgers on the grill,  I whipped up a batch of “special sauce”, snapping pictures for you as I went along. Before writing up my recipe, I did a quick search for special sauce. A video from McDonald's popped up. I watched it. And what I saw shocked me.

McDonald's special sauce contains no ketchup.

Let me say that again: there's no ketchup or tomatoes, in special sauce.


Over the years all the “copycat” recipes I saw mixed mayonnaise with thousand island dressing. Since I don't keep thousand island dressing in the house, I swapped it for ketchup. The combo makes a rich, sweet sauce that I love.

It seems, however, that my sauce wasn't a copy of the special sauce you'd find on a Big Mac. Boo! Turns out, mayonnaise and mustard make up the special sauce.

Oh well. Can't win ‘em all. I still think my burger sauce is pretty special.

Here's how I make it:


 photo SpecialSauce1_zps1dda1fc6.jpg

See. No mustard! 


 photo SpecialSauce2_zpsa0722c99.jpg

I use canola-based mayo. Use whatever mayo you love--even Miracle Whip*. 
*Miracle Whip is NOT my favorite. But, dude, if you love it, use it.  


 photo SpecialSauce3_zps73965307.jpg

Ketchup! Ketchup! Ketchup! For me, the ketchup transforms the sauce. I love it. LOVE IT. 

 photo SpecialSauce4_zps542b9a92.jpg

Dill relish! 

 photo SpecialSauce5_zpsfdc08ca1.jpg

Sweet pickles. I don't keep sweet relish in the house. So I chop up about three bread and butter pickles. If you don't have dill relish in the house, chop up three dill slices. Easy peasy. 

 photo SpecialSauce6_zps70fa9a39.jpg

Sweet pickles! Speaking of...does anyone remember the "Sweet Pickles" commercials from the 1980s? (Here it is!) I was TOTALLY bummed when a busload of characters in a small green bus didn't arrive at my house along with my books. SO BUMMED. And now that you ask, I still don't think I'm over it. 

 photo SpecialSauce7_zps31b6424a.jpg

Add about a generous teaspoon of chopped sweet pickles or sweet pickle relish. 

 photo SpecialSauce8_zps120d7f05.jpg

See the brown liquid? That's a dash of Worcestershire sauce. 

 photo SpeialSauce9_zps02848117.jpg

And that red liquid? Hot sauce! 

 photo SpecialSauce10_zpsf54f18c6.jpg

Stir it all together. 

 photo SpecialSauce11_zpsa25b8628.jpg

Taste. Add a bit of freshly ground black pepper, if needed. 

 photo SpecialSauce12_zpsa5e1022c.jpg

Done! Go ahead and slather it on your burger. 



Elizabeth's Special Sauce--Click HERE for recipe.

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