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(Gluten-Free Family Life) Sam Mills Pasta d'oro Review
Elizabeth Carroll
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Upstate Goulash with Pasta d'oro Lasagna Corte (Photographs: Elizabeth Carroll)
Upstate Goulash with Pasta d'oro Lasagna Corte (Photographs: Elizabeth Carroll)

November 28, 2012

I always try to save both time and money -- managing the weekly grocery and meal budget is no exception. As you all know, gluten-free food can be a bit more expensive than its gluten-containing counterpart, so when I can find a healthful, gluten-free product that is also affordable, I get excited.  

Recently, I discovered Sam Mills brand gluten-free pastas. The pastas are sold under the brand Pasta d'oro in the United States. We just tried the Pasta d'oro Gluten-Free Lasagna Corte and I wanted to review and share this product that I am so excited about. When reviewing, I'll compare it to the pasta we have been using most often lately, the Ancient Harvest brand Quinoa Pastas.  

The Pasta d'oro sells on for 11 cents per ounce as of 11/19/12. The Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta sells on for 32 cents per ounce as of 11/19/12. While the Ancient Harvest brand pasta is available locally for an even higher price, I have not found the Pasta d'oro locally at all, thus necessitating the Amazon purchase.  

Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta Shells
Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta Shells

Based on a sample of five (my family, smiles!), we found the Pasta d'oro to be more tender and smooth than the Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta. The taste is of a mild corn pasta and it seems to have a less complex texture than the quinoa pasta.

The Pasta d'oro Lasagna Corte cooked quickly -- in about 4 to 5 minutes in a rapid boil. The Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta took longer under the same cooking conditions -- about 9 to 10 minutes are necessary to achieve a tender pasta.  

Pasta d'oro Lasagna CortePasta d'oro Lasagna Corte
Pasta d'oro Lasagna CortePasta d'oro Lasagna Corte
The main ingredient in the Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta is actually organic corn flour. Quinoa flour is the second, and final, ingredient. The Pasta d'oro lists just corn flour and water as ingredients. The quinoa pasta has 0.9 g. more protein than the Pasta d'oro, but the protein content is small, overall, on both brands. Total carbohydrates are similar, the quinoa pasta containing 46 g. and the Pasta d'oro 44.2 g. The Pasta d'oro does not claim to be organic, but does use non-GMO corn. The quinoa pasta is organic and certified as such.  

I recommend trying the Sam Mills Pasta d'oro pastas for both taste and affordability. I also like the company's business model. Their pasta mill is only for corn-based pastas -- all gluten-free. Their size and production capacity enables the less expensive pricing. Once Sam Mills becomes more established in the U.S. market, I hope this business model will promote further change in the availability and production of other gluten-free foods, so that the price of these foods is similar to their gluten-containing counterparts.  

Have you tried Sam Mills Pasta? How do you like it? Leave a comment below! 

All samples were purchased by Elizabeth Carroll. All views are her own and not influenced by either or Sam Mills.

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