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Home | Product Reviews | Review: Wellabys Crackers

Review: Wellaby's Crackers

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I've been known to say that sometimes in life you just need a good cookie. The same holds true for crackers. There are just some combinations that require a cracker. (I'm looking at you, Cheese and Crackers. You too, Soup and Crackers.)

For a long time the only way to enjoy a good cracker was to make a batch yourself. And, to be honest, I still prefer the taste of homemade. However, I love that there are more good prepared options on store shelves. It just makes living gluten-free a little easier.

The other night when I was out shopping with my mom, I noticed a box of Wellaby's crackers on the shelf at, of all places, The Christmas Tree Shops. Since they were only $1.99 per box, I grabbed two boxes off the shelf: Classic Cheese and Parmesan. I'd never heard of Wellaby's; so I wasn't really sure what to expect. 

When I got home, I noticed that my crackers were "minis". And, boy, they weren't kidding! The crackers are only about 1-inch across. The size of these crackers would make them great for a bowl of soup!

Cheese crackers can either be great or weird tasting. Happily, the flavor of the Classic Cheese was fantastic! Before you went gluten-free, did you ever have Better Cheddar crackers by Nabisco? If you have, you know what Wellaby's crackers taste like. They taste like cheese. Now, it has been years since I've eaten Better Cheddar. So this is just a guess. But I am guessing that the Wellaby's are even better than the Better Cheddar! There is absolutely no weird aftertaste with these crackers. They taste just like, well, a cheese cracker!

The other thing I really liked about these crackers was that there was a little salt sprinkled on each cracker. What is it with gluten-free cracker makers? Very, very few actually have salt on the cracker top. I'm not someone who likes a ton of salt. Yet I do like a light sprinkle on my crackers! Could the Wellaby's use a tad more salt? Yeah, I think so. But I am not complaining! The crisp texture and really nice flavor more than make-up for the lack of a salty top.

I don't know where I'll find these crackers again. The Christmas Tree Shop tends to be hit and miss. I do know that I will look for them at my local grocery store. They were so good that I might even order them on-line.

One last thing, if you are like me and have a nut allergy, you will be happy to know that these crackers are also nut-free!

Grade: A+

Summary: Really flavorful, thin cheese cracker. Both the "Classic Cheese" and "Parmesan" were delicious without being overwhelming. The crisp texture is perfect for munching or adding to soup. (The cheese flavors I tried would be great in a bowl of tomato soup!)


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