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Home | Blog | On Making Pasta. And getting unstuck . . .

On Making Pasta. And getting unstuck.

Elizabeth Barbone - April 30, 2014
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Today's been one of those days. I know you know them. Those days when everything feels off. It's almost like I woke up wearing the wrong size thoughts and skin. Just an uncomfortable day. That's it. Uncomfortable.

On days like this, I tend to get stuck. It's so easy for me to just….do nothing. But today, instead of doing nothing, I wandered into the kitchen with the desire to make myself a bowl of homemade pasta. I was almost 100% sure it wouldn't work; I've worked on a gluten-free pasta recipe for a long time and never really loved it. Yet today, I wanted to try again. Part of me wonders if this yearning was a bit of self-sabotage, the desire to make something I thought would flop. Another part of me thinks it was hope.

I scooped some flour into a bowl, enjoyed cracking a few eggs, and made the pasta. The dough looked so beautiful that I couldn't help but smile. I rolled it out. More smiles. The dough seemed like it would work.

And, it did.


To celebrate, I sautéed a little garlic in a lot of butter, grated some parmesan and finished the pasta with a whisper of lemon zest. Perfection.  Then I sat down, alone, and ate.

I'd love to say that with that first bite, the heavens opened and my day got so much better. But that didn't happen. However, my day got a little better. And you know what? That was enough. A smallish handful of pasta moved the needle on my day just enough.

Some might say that it was the power of the food that helped. I disagree. Food is great, of course. Yet, it wasn't the food---although, dang it was tasty. It was the simple act of creating something. Moving from that bleak headspace to, well, to movement. 

As I try to remind myself again and again: just begin. Whatever follows will be okay. And sometimes it'll be more than ok. 

Oh, and as for that pasta recipe. I need to test it a few more times. Then I'll share it.

About the author: Elizabeth Barbone is the owner and editor of and is the author of Easy Gluten-Free Baking. and "How to Cook Gluten-Free".

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