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Home | Blog | How to Stuff Peppadews

How to Stuff Peppadews

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April 27, 2011

Ah, the Peppadew. Have you ever had one? Or, for that matter, ever heard of them?

I knew the peppadew pepper was a "trademarked" pepper. The seeds are not available for sale and you can only get the peppers from the peppadew company. To be honest, I never sought them out. I mean, there are plenty of peppers I can find locally. What could be so special about these peppers?

Recently, while in Atlanta, I discovered just what was so special about these peppers when my hosts, the amazing folks from the Atlanta Metro Celiac support group, took me to Leon's Full Service for dinner.

One of the ladies ordered the goat cheese-stuffed peppadews and offered me one. With the first bite, my life changed.

Okay, maybe I'm overstating it a little. But just a little. The first bite surprised me. The pepper was sweet, spicy, and tart all at the same time. Add to that the creaminess of the goat cheese and I was hooked. This pepper was good. No. Not good. Awesome.

Since I'm in New York, stopping by Leon's Full Service for a quick peppadew fix isn't an option. No problem. They are easy to make at home. (If you are reading this and you are near Leon's Full Service go there! Everything I ate was great and they really know their gluten-free stuff.)


As a rule, I don't use hard-to-find ingredients. These peppers are a delicious exception to that rule. Because, here's the thing, you need to find peppadew peppers for this recipe to work. No other peppers will do. After some searching, I found them on the olive bar at my local grocery store. By that time I'd given up finding them locally. I was sure I'd have to order them on-line. Then, happily, I noticed them sitting next to the kalmata olives. How could I miss them? These peppers are bright red. How bright?


Pretty aren't they? It't time to make stuffed peppers!

Grab some soft cheese. I used goat cheese but any soft cheese, like cream cheese or bousin, works.

Load some cheese onto the handle of a spoon. Yes, the handle. Peppadews are hollow. Putting the cheese on the handle of the spoon allows you to easily slide the cheese into the pepper.

This is easy!


That's it!

I usually make two to three per person.


Here's the recipe. (If you call "get peppadews and stuff them with goat cheese" a recipe.)


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