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Home | Blog | How Long Have You Been Gluten-Free?

How Long Have You Been Gluten-Free?

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May 24, 2012

Today I was thrilled and humbled (and maybe a wee bit embarrassed) by the lovely piece my hometown paper, The Times Union, wrote on me. The interview covered the Domino's pizza issue, what it's like to eat gluten-free in restaurants, and how much has changed since I started cooking gluten-free in, gulp, 1997.

Yup! You read that right! I started my gluten-free baking and cooking journey fifteen years ago! It doesn't seem possible. Where does the time go?

Looking back over those fifteen years, I see so much that's changed: gluten-free menus in restaurants, mainstream gluten-free products in many supermarkets. And much that's stayed the same: that overwhelmed feeling many experience when they first go gluten-free, the often cruel response of family and friends to someone's "new diet", and the question of, "How will I live without gluten?"

Thankfully today living well without gluten is easier than ever. We still have a long way to go, of course, but each day, it seems to get a wee bit easier.

What about you? How long have you been on the diet? What's changed since you went gluten-free? And how has being gluten-free changed you?

I can't wait to hear your stories! Leave them in the comments.


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