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Home | Blog | Heartbleed and

Heartbleed and

Elizabeth Barbone - April 11, 2014
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Hi Folks! 

As you know, there's a current bug, called Heartbleed, affecting the internet.  It's not affecting My amazing web guy, Tim, explains---along with some really helpful information for all of us. 

Take it away Tim! 

"This week a major vulnerability was discovered where certain secure
(SSL) pages on websites were potentially able to be compromised.

This vulnerability does NOT affect We do
not utilize the OpenSSL model which had this weakness. This exploit is
also primarily targeted at Apache operating system machines, while we
run Windows servers.

Having said that, it is likely you have logged in to site's online
which were vulnerable. While no site has actually been confirmed to be
a target of hackers, the very method of how it works makes it nearly
impossible to detect.

Many major services were affected including Yahoo, Amazon, Google,
Facebook and others.

It is probably about 99%+ safe to say everyone could at least possibly
been exposed so its important to change your passwords, ESPECIALLY if
you use a common password for multiple sites.

On a side note, this is an excellent opportunity to reinforce these
very important password safety rules:

- Do NOT use the same pword on multiple sites. If you have difficulty
keeping track of passwords you can use any number of robust password
programs such as Roboform to help keep track of them.

- Do NOT use easy to guess passwords for anything (even your own
site's login). Instead of using something like track123  add in
symbols, capitalization and mix things up such as: Tr*c#5%4@2

Hackers have programs that can try "brute force" to figure out
passwords. They will try repeated words in a dictionary followed by
numbers to try and guess easy to figure out passwords.

Best wishes,


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