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Eat this NOW: The BCT (Bacon, Cheddar, and Tomato) Sandwich

Elizabeth Barbone - July 15, 2014
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What's better in the summer than a BLT? Nothing right? Right! But a BCT (Bacon, Cheddar, Tomato) gives the classic BLT some pretty stiff competition. The reason I love it so much? Grilled.Melty.Cheese. And it's so easy to make, you don't really need a recipe. Since this is a recipe-site, however, imma give you one. :-) 

For sandwich perfection, you need two things: smoked bacon and ripe tomatoes. Without these ingredients, the sandwich tastes good but not great. We want GREAT.

First up, let's talk about bacon. Get good bacon. Really good bacon. The kind of bacon that makes your jaw unhinge a little because it's so expensive. We're talking smoked bacon here. I like Dakin Farms from Vermont or Nueskes from WI. Both brands are heavily smoked, thick-cut, and taste like something other than salt. That's what we want. Flavorful, meaty bacon.

Next up, tomatoes. You want really ripe, really fresh tomatoes. If you don't grow tomatoes, go to the farmer's market. (which is what I need to do this year. Why? The %^&$ deer ate all my tomato plants. I'm SO MAD at them.)

As for Cheddar. Use whatever you love. Got an aged Cheddar? Use it. Have a cheapo Cheddar on hand? It's good! It'll melt nice and stringy. YUM. Just use Cheddar. No American cheese on this sandwich, please! And if you are dairy-free: Daiya.

Start the sandwich by...not sandwiching it. Butter some bread, heat up your skillet (non-stick, please), and then place the bread, butter side down, on the pan. On one half, put cheese. Then, throw the tomato slices down on the hot skillet for a few seconds, just long enough to warm them. This makes a big difference. Trust me. After the tomatoes have warmed up a smidge, put the tomato slices on top of the cheese, add the bacon, and, finally, sandwich the thing. Then with a firm metal spatula (like this one) press the sandwich down. Wait a few minutes, then flip. Done. Grill until the bread turns golden brown. That's it.

Of course, with a sandwich, that's never really it. if you want to add some basil, I'd encourage that!  Or make a BMT by swapping the Cheddar for some fresh mozzarella. That would be amazing too. The formula for sandwich success is cheese, bacon, and tomato. And it really doesn't get any better than that, does it?

About the author: Elizabeth Barbone is the owner and editor of and is the author of Easy Gluten-Free Baking. and "How to Cook Gluten-Free".

This page might contain affiliate links to products I enjoy!

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