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Blogger "Cook Along" for How to Cook Gluten-Free (and giveaways!)

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March 16, 2012


Each time someone says to me, "Hey! I made your _____ the other day," I'm touched. So you can only imagine how I felt when several of my blogger-friends teamed up to "cook along" with a few recipes from my new book, How to Cook Gluten-Free this week.

For the event, my publisher shared four recipes from the book: Powdered Sugar Doughnut Muffins, No-Rise Pizza Crust, Upstate 'Goulash', and Grapefruit and Avocado Salad.

Here's a roundup of the bloggers who participated. (Several are running giveaways of the book!) Visit their blogs to see what they made and meet lovely folks who make the gluten-free community an amazing place to be!


"How to Cook Gluten-Free" Blog Roundup 

Suzanne, from Times Union's Gluten-Free Blog, tried the pizza crust and said, "I really liked this crust.  It's probably the  first gluten-free pizza crusts that I was actually able to roll out!  Most crusts you are just able to pat them into your pan."

Sarah, from Celiac in the City, made the pizza crust and doughnut muffins. Of the pizza crust, she said, "This crust is perfect for a busy weeknight when you're craving pizza (That's pretty much any night for me, who am I kidding?) but are limited on time — no waiting for the dough to rise."  
Visit Sarah's blog for a chance to win the book! 

Carrie, from, made my doughnut muffins and upstate 'goulash'. She played around with the goulash, using eggplant instead of pasta. That's what I want folks to do with my recipes! Play!

As for the doughnut muffins, Carrie said, "We actually thought they tasted even better on the 2nd day! And for a gluten free baked good... that's a serious compliment!"

Kim, from, made the powdered sugar doughnut muffins for her son, Jon. What a nice mom! She wrote, "The ingredients were all things that I had already in my pantry, which makes it much more likely that I will make these again." Visit Kim's blog for a chance to win the book!

Donna, from, is NOT gluten-free! Yet she tried my no-rise pizza. A million thanks to Donna for giving gluten-free pizza a try. She said, "Seriously, I've tried some gluten free pizzas that were terrible. One was completely inedible. Gummy, doughy, and with a chemical-like flavor that couldn't be overcome.

This pizza was the opposite - a very crisp crust, almost cracker-like on the edges. Under the toppings, the crust was a bit more tender. It wasn't exactly like any wheat-crust pizza I've ever had, but it was completely edible. It's what we had for dinner - no Plan B required."

Another non-gluten-free blogger, Shelby from, also tried the pizza. (Love non-gluten-free eaters who try gluten-free baking! Makes my heart sing!) She said, "I loved this pizza, especially after I hit my slice with a little bit of Tabasco sauce! (Note from Elizabeth: The Tabasco comment made me smile!)

Jenn, from Mud Pies and Cranberry Tea go Allergen-Free, deals with multiple food allergies. She's gluten-free, dairy-free, and rice free! And she still made both the pizza and doughnut muffins! (The book contains lots of substitution options.) She wrote, "The boys gave them two thumbs up. When I gave one to my husband(who doesn't avoid gluten) to try, he ate it and then said, "I could eat all of them!" LOL! :)"

As for the pizza, she said, "This pizza crust is even good reheated the next day for lunch.  Can't beat that!" Also, her little guys approved of the pizza, which makes me so happy!


Rachel, from Crispy Cook, made the pizza and powdered sugar doughnut muffins. About the doughnut muffins, she said, "They are fantastic little sweet bites, paired with a tall glass of cold milk. Plus they are extremely cute."  Visit Rachel's blog for a chance to win the book! 

Laura, from The Mommy CEO, made the goulash. Her non-gluten-free husband said, “Wow, this tastes like the Goulash my mom used to make.”  And Laura cooked the ground beef the night before she made the goulash. Brilliant idea! I love how we all learn from each other.


Shelby (aka HoneyB), from Grumpy's Honeybunch, made the doughnuts. Her family isn't gluten-free and she wrote, "As a matter of fact, the two recipes I have made of Elizabeth's are good enough to make again even if I don't need to eat gluten free!" 

Ginger, from Observes and Musings, made the pizza and doughnut muffins! About the cookbook, Ginger kindly said, "This is a must have book for everyone's gluten-free bookshelf." Visit Ginger's blog to see how she made the pizza into individual "pies" and powdered sugar doughnuts into jelly doughnut muffins! Love it!

Kat, from Kat's GF Kitchen, made the doughnut muffins for her hubby who missed powdered sugar doughnuts. She wrote, "The next morning the flavor and texture was EXACTLY a powdered sugar doughnut. The only thing that was missing was a big glob of jam in the middle to make it a jelly doughnut (which will definitely be added next time!). Let's just put it this way. If the rest of her recipes are as good as these doughnut muffins, we're all in for a treat. :)"

Wendy at Celiacs In The House, tried the goulash and the grapefruit avocado salad. About the goulash she said, "The ‘goulash' is a pasta with meat sauce dish that reminds me of a local favorite served to school children everywhere in Central Ohio, but we called it Johnny Marzetti."

Wendy is right! This dish goes by lots of different names all over the country. Wendy's husband made it with ground turkey and mozzarella. And I love that! These are recipes I created but I want you to make them yours.

Heidi, from Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom, made the a dairy-free version of the goulash for her family.  About the goulash she said, "Tonight, I made the Upstate Goulash for Mike and the boys.  Only without the cheese.  Granted, the photo is not as enticing as the one with all the ooey, gooey cheddar, but rest assured, my guys didn't skip a beat.  They all asked for me to make it again."

Heidi mentions that the next time she'll add veggies to the recipe. Fantastic idea! This recipe welcomes adaptations! 
Visit Heidi's blog for a chance to win the book! 

Cassandra, from Delightfully Gluten-Free, whipped up the goulash and doughnut muffins for two missionaries that were visiting her home. About the meal she said, "Dinner and dessert upheld my standards for a great meal for guests.  If they're not gushing about how good the food is, then I feel like I haven't hit my mark."

Shirley, from Gluten-Free Easily, made the goulash. She wrote, "In very short order, we were enjoying a simple and satisfying meal! While this recipe clearly features basic ingredients as you can see—olive oil, onion, garlic, and tomato sauce—when combined with the pasta and topped with cheese, it makes for a terrific dish." 
Visit Shirley's blog for a chance to win the book! 

Jenny, from Mamatoga, made the goulash with her kids! (You have to check out her blog to see the kids cooking along! The photo made my heart sing!) She said, "All in all it was a great family meal, one that has already been requested again by Finn and Lev (and Sean)."


Kelly, from Springfield Macaroni Kid, (who was a childhood friend! We went to elementary school together and her mom was my second grade teacher!) Made the goulash and salad. Kelly, whose family isn't gluten-free, enjoyed the meal! She wrote, "My husband told me after he finished, "Wow hun, that was a great dinner. Thank you." Even my 4.5 year old gobbled it up! Enough said."


A few more bloggers are "cooking along" with the book. I'll update this list as they post! 

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