Cake of the Month: Ricotta Cheesecake

Last week I asked on my Facebook page,Do you like cake? If you do, you'll love the project I'm working on.” So do you? Love cake, that is?

I know I do. A chocolate cake graces the cover of my first cookbook. Cake celebrates life: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. It's a slice of sweetness that we get to share with those we love.

Each March I think about cake a lot. My birthday is March 4th and my husband's birthday is March 12th. During our early years together, we'd have one traditional* cake for my birthday and one for his. One year I realized that I wanted a different type of cake. I decided on “Black and White” cookies --they are sort of a cake-cookie hybrid. The next year, I requested a chocolate chip cookie cake. And last year I decided on ricotta cheesecake!
*sponge-style cake with buttercream icing

There are lots of ways to enjoy cake. Sponge cakes are just the start. To celebrate this, I'm starting a “Gluten-Free Cake of the Month” here on Each month I'm making a new gluten-free cake! Maybe you'll find your “new favorite” cake one month.

Since cake, like joy, is best enjoyed when shared, I'd love for you to bake along with me! And, since all bakers need good tools, you might just win something for making the recipe.

Here's the lowdown:

*Bake this month's recipe for Ricotta cheesecake by March 31st.

*Post a picture of your cake (in your own blog, on Flickr, or on Facebook --if you post it on facebook tag “” in the photo.)

*In the comments for the Ricotta Cheesecake, leave the link to your photo plus your name.

*On April 1st, the day the next “Cake of the Month” is announced, one winner will be selected.

That's it!

Here's what you could win

Two (2) professional  8-inch round cake pans. These are the cake pans I bake with. You'll love them! 

And one (1) offset cake spatula. I use cake spatulas for everything from icing cakes to spreading peanut butter on sandwiches! 

Let's get baking! Here's the recipe! 

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