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REVIEW: Conte's Stuffed Shells

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Sorry for the photo. I was so busy eating, I forgot to snap a picture of the baked shells. 
So, I had to nab a photo from Conte's website.

For a few months, I've had a bag of Conte's Stuffed Shells in the back of my freezer. On a busy night when I couldn't decide what to have for dinner, I  decided to give them a try.

Oh my! These were so good and so easy to make! Unlike their ravioli, which requires boiling, the shells simply needed to be covered in sauce and baked in the oven. It was so incredibly easy. All I needed to do to get dinner on the table was open the bag of shells, plop it into a pan, cover it with sauce and wait 35 minutes. Other than the baking dish and the plates we ate off of, there were no dishes to wash!

The shells, honestly, were delicious. More than delicious. They were suburb! I was reminded of filled shells I'd enjoyed prior to going gluten-free at Italian restaurants. The ricotta filling was flavorful and the pasta was tender. I might have moaned a little while eating dinner. The shells were that good! In fact, they were so good, I forgot to snap a photo of them! I was too busy eating!

As with most pre-made gluten-free foods, these shells are expensive! A bag, barely enough to feed two hungry adults, was $9.99 at my local market. Honestly, before I tried the shells, I thought, "These are so expensive. I'll try them once and never buy them again." Then I ate them. While they aren't something I would make once a week, they are going on my list of "treats." Because, for me, $9.99 for a great dinner for two--that doesn't require dirtying more than one dish--is a pretty good deal.

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