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REVIEW: Instant Gluten-Free Oatmeal

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When you are on a restricted diet, excitement about food often comes down to the little things. This explains why I almost shouted, "Oh my goodness! OATMEAL!" in the middle of a grocery store in Massachusetts.

Ten years ago, when I started teaching gluten-free baking classes, oatmeal was on the "no-no" list. How things have changed! Now companies are offering gluten-free oats. However, most of these gluten-free oats are "old fashioned" oats. This means they take some time to cook. Not great if you are in a hurry.

Glutenfreeda now offers instant gluten-free oats. This oatmeal can be cooked in just minutes and resembles those little packets from Quaker. (By the way, Quaker oats, at this time, are NOT gluten-free.)

These oats have not yet made it to my area. On a day trip to Massachusetts, I saw them in a tiny grocery store. Thrilled, I picked up a box of "natural" and "apple cinnamon with flax." I couldn't help get excited about these oats. Since I travel so much teaching gluten-free baking classes, I hoped these oats would be a good solution for my common breakfast quandary. (Note: Coffee, while delicious, does not make for a good breakfast when traveling. Trust me on this :)

After trying both oat varieties, I was hooked! The oats are easy to make and really delicious. Do they taste like "old fashioned" oats? Um, nope! But if you want "old fashioned" oats, you have lots of options. These oats are tender and tasty.

My only (small) complaint is that the packets seem a little small. Other than that, I am one happy oatmeal eater.

I sprinkled a little brown sugar on both the "natural" and the "apple cinnamon with flax" neither are really sweet right out of the box.

As with all gluten-free oats, these aren't cheap. I paid about $6.00 for a box. They are a little cheaper at Amazon. Here is a link: Glutenfreeda Oats

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