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Nature's Path Whole O's (REVIEW)

I'm always on the lookout for new gluten-free cereal. And while General Mills was a game-changer by offering Chex varieties gluten-free, there still aren't a ton of options in the gluten-free cereal aisle. But things are getting better!

While on a day trip to Massachusetts, I noticed a box of Nature's Path Organic Whole O's cereal. Packaged in a yellow box with a picture of a bowl of "o" cereal on the front, the box reminded me of Cheerios. Could it be? A gluten-free Cheerio cereal? A box quickly found its way into my cart.

The price for a box of gluten-free cereal wasn't too bad. I paid $3.99 for the 11.5 ounce box.

Unlike Cheerios which is oat based, Whole O's are corn and rice based. A quick scan of the nutrition label showed that the cereal contains 3 grams of fiber per serving. This is great for gluten-free cereal. Most are totally fiber-free, so I was pleased to see a bit of fiber in the cereal.

Upon taking my first bite of this cereal, I noticed the crunch. Whole O's are super, super crunchy! For some reason I expected them to be tender like Cheerios. They aren't. Even my last spoonful was crunchy. Since I like crunchy cereal this didn't put me off at all.

Like the texture, the flavor of Whole O's is wildly different from Cheerios. My tongue was met first with the nutty flavor of brown rice and then the slightly sweet flavor of corn. The box claims the cereal is "Sweetened with just the right amount of pomegranate juice." Well, the only way I knew pomegranate juice was in the cereal was by reading the ingredient label. I could not detect it at all. The pleasant sweetness I tasted came from the corn and organic cane juice, not from the pomegranate.

I really liked this cereal. Was it a gluten-free version of Cheerios? No it wasn't. However, it was good and, for me, that is just fine.

Grade: A

Summary: Whole grain O cereal that remains crunchy in milk with a pleasant brown rice and corn flavor.

Where to buy: Health food stores, large chain grocery stores or on-line at

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