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REVIEW: Sugar Cocoa Ice Cream Cones

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Goldbaum's Sugar Cocoa Ice Cream Cones

As I mentioned in other review of ice cream cones, I adore ice cream cones. Ice cream without a cone just isn't that appealing to me. By far my favorite type of ice cream cone is the sugar cone. "Cake" cones are fine but sugar cones. Oh! I love them. I could munch on empty sugar cones as a treat.

During a day-trip to Williamstown, MA, I spotted boxes of Goldbaum's "Sugar Cocoa" Ice Cream Cones on display. I grabbed my husband's arm--hard--and said in a hushed whisper, "They have gluten-free sugar cones." I didn't wait for his response. I rushed over to the display and put two boxes in my basket.

After diner that night, I eagerly pulled out the sugar cones. (Thankfully we had a carton of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in the freezer.) I noticed they were a little smaller than wheat-based sugar cones. They aren't tiny but they are a bit smaller. They also were totally intact. I hate getting a box of broken cones. Happily, all the cones were in one piece.

I started to make my cone and promptly cracked it. Luckily I didn't break it. I eased up on my pressure and quickly had my cone.

Finally, I got to the cone (Remember the old Tootsie Pop commercial? "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?" Eating the cone felt like that! I kept waiting to get to the cone.) It was amazing! I know that call them "Sugar Cocoa" but I could not really taste the cocoa. To me, the cocoa is just included to make the cones a lovely shade of brown. The cones flavor is lightly sweet and a wonderful addition to an ice cream.

Like Goldbaum's cake cones, these cones taste just like their wheat counterpart. The biggest differences I noticed are:

• Delicate. The cones do break easily. Take care when making a cone to prevent breakage.

• Small. They are a little smaller than traditional (wheat-based) sugar cones.

• Price. Like most gluten-free foods, the cones are expensive. I paid $4.29 for one box (12 cones per box.)

You might be thinking, "Those aren't huge differences." And you are right! These cones are great. I can highly recommend them.

Grade: A

Summary: Nicely flavored, delicate sugar cones. Flavor pairs well with any ice cream. Cones tend to drip from the bottom. A paper towel wrapped around the cone will save your shirt/pants from ice cream drips.

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