REVIEW: Erewhon Rice Twice

Erewhon: Rice Twice

What do you think of when you see the words "Puffed Rice?" I think of bland, tasteless Styrofoam-like cereal. For me, Puffed Rice, is like someone broke up a Rice Cake and put it in a cereal box.

So when I saw that Erewhon had a cereal with "Crisp Rice" (aka Rice Krispies) and "Puffed Rice" I thought, "That is either going to be great or unbelievably awful." But I liked the cereal I had tried from Erewhon in the past. Therefore, I let myself hope the cereal would be tasty.

As I poured myself a bowl, the first thing I noticed was that their puffed rice pieces weren't as "puffy" as others I've seen. They almost looked like giant pieces of crisp rice. Almost. I pulled one out of the bowl. It CRUNCHED! Unlike some puffed rice cereal that I have had in the past that melted in my mouth, the Erewhon pieces had a delightful crunch.

You know the drill. Milk went onto the cereal and I spooned some into my mouth.! I had tasted this cereal before…when I was kid! Rice Twice reminded me of "Super Golden Crisp." (A quick Google search just informed me that this cereal is no longer called "Super Golden Crisp" it is now just "Golden Crisp." I wonder why it isn't "Super" anymore?) Anyway, my mom did not allow "sugar" cereal in the house. For some reason, "Super Golden Crisp" was the one rare exception. Very, very occasionally she would buy me a box. I loved it!

Now I don't want you to think this cereal is really sweet. Because it isn't. I promise. It has a lovely note of sweetness. You can taste the honey which is one of the sweeteners. This honey-sweetness makes the puffed rice taste better than regular plain puffed rice.

I'll admit, I was delightfully surprised by this cereal. I will be buying it again! And that is something I never thought I would say about a cereal with Puffed Rice.

Erewhon has done it again! This cereal gets a big thumbs up from me!

Summary: Crisp and puffed rice combine in this lightly sweet cereal. The puffed rice is delightful and crispy.

Grade: A

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