REVIEW: Glutino Vegetable Crackers

The box of "Glutino Gluten Free Vegetable Crackers" had been sitting on my desk for some time. For some reason, I wasn't moved to tear into the box. Perhaps it was the three tomatoes pictures on the front cover. Tomato-flavored crackers? Hmmm, I wasn't sure if they would be any good. So on my desk they sat.

Finally, I opened the box. The first thing I noticed was that the box contained two bags of crackers. You know what the usually means…there won't be much actually product. But I was wrong, There were about 16 crackers in the little foil bag. When I pulled out a cracker, I was SHOCKED.

The cracker looked much better than the anemic crackers that are pictured on the back of the box! Imagine that! A product that looks better than the product picture. You don't see that much. The cracker was a lovely medium brown. It sort of looked like a Cheddar Cracker with flecks of dried herbs.

I took a bite. It was crunchy and wonderfully flavorful. Seriously, I thought, "Oh my God! This is really good. Really good." In fact, I waved the cracked in front of my husband and said those words out loud!

For some reason, I didn't expect the cracker to have a ton of flavor. When I read the side of the box and saw "tomato powder" listed, I thought, "I bet it is just for color." Was I wrong! Really, really wrong. These crackers are bursting with amazing flavor. You can taste the tomato, oregano and garlic. I would say that they remind me of a pizza-flavored cracker but they are better than that.

The other good news, beside the taste, is the texture. They have the crunchiness of a regular gluten cracker. These crackers, I am sure, would stand up to cheese and/or dip. In fact, I had to laugh when I noticed the back of the box had "instructions." Umm, it is a cracker. We know how to eat it! The only instruction I needed was, "Don't eat the entire box in one sitting!"

I only have one bit of bad news about the crackers: the price. A box cost me $4.99. While you could absolutely share these with gluten-eaters, the price might prohibit you from doing so. (Let them eat their inexpensive, gluten loaded crackers!)

I can't wait to try the rest of the crackers in this line!

Summary: VERY highly recommended. Fantastic flavor and great texture. One drawback, the price.

Grade: A++ (This is the first time I have given an "A++" to a product!)

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