Ask Elizabeth: Sweet Dairy Whey (FREE)

Ask Elizabeth: Sweet Dairy Whey

One of my bread recipes uses Sweet Dairy Whey. This ingredient, while easy to find in most places, proved challenging for one reader.

Dear Barbara (Yes, the e-mail was address to "Barbara" I get that a lot. For some reason, "Barbone" must remind people of "Barbara". Isn't that funny? But I am an Elizabeth. I have a family member named Barbara but I'd hate to be confused with her. Wait, we won't go there...)

I have your Easy Gluten-free Baking Book, but I can't buy the whey needed for bread recipe anywhere around the Charlotte, NC area. I have tried two Natural Food Stores and the Home Economist and no one seems to carry it. Please help. Thanks.


Dear Marge,

I am sorry you are having trouble finding the Sweet Dairy Whey. You

have a few options:

1. It can be replaced with an equal amount of Instant Dry Milk Powder.

The result is slightly different but still delicious.

2. If you can find a store that carries the "Now" brand of foods, they

can order you a bag.

3. You can place an order for whey on-line here

Enjoy the cookbook. If you have any other questions, please let me know!


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