Ask Elizabeth: Peppermint Oil (FREE)

Ask Elizabeth:Peppermint Oil

Dear Elizabeth

I just made the thin mint cookies from the cookbook and had to use peppermint extract instead of oil because I couldn't find the oil anywhere. I went to my local HFS, Whole Foods, and GNC and they all said their peppermint oil was for use in aromatherapy only. Any ideas on where in Massachusetts I can find peppermint oil. The cookies were good (my 8 year old celiac girl scout loves them, but I'd like to use the oil next time)


Dear Annmarie,

Hello! I'm sorry you had trouble finding peppermint oil. I am not sure

why they told you it was for aromatherapy only. This is not correct.

I use LorAnn brand peppermint oil. It can be found at Cake and Candy

Making Supply Stores(I believe AC Moore carries it now, too) or

on-line. Here is where I buy mine:

Pure peppermint oil has a wonderful flavor. You will notice a

difference when you use it.


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