Isn't this great to see?
Isn't this great to see?

New Chicken Broth Labeled Gluten-Free!

Progresso 100% Natural Chicken Broth is Gluten-Free!

Need a chicken broth? Look for this on the shelf.

While at the store the other day, I noticed a new chicken on the shelf. By Progresso, the broth looked interesting. It claimed to be 100% natural. As I quickly scanned the ingredient label, the broth "looked" gluten-free. However, as you know, some items can look gluten-free and then have hidden gluten. (I have to say, this problem has been greatly reduced because of the new labeling law that requires wheat to be proclaimed on the label. However, barley can still be an issue.)

After reading the label, I felt that the broth was gluten-free. So, I decided to jot down the name of the broth and look it up when I got home. As I put the box on the shelf--I am not making this up--I noticed the words "gluten-free" on the side of the box.

How great is that! I *love* it when "gluten-free" is proudly stated on mainstream labels.

I picked up a box and used it in my paella last night. The broth was fantastic! And, I think, having gluten-free on the label might have made it taste a little better ; )

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