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REVIEW: Candy Tree Licorice

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Candy Tree's Organic Licorice Laces

I love licorice! Sometimes gluten-free licorice just doesn't measure up. So, it was with slight hesitation I tried Candy Tree's Organic Licorice Laces. During my last trip to a local health food store, I noticed Candy Tree's Organic Laces. These "laces" reminded me of the old licorice "whips"* I bought as a kid during trips to the Vermont Country Store. Not one to turn down favorite childhood candy, I picked up a package.

The package I purchased contained 3.5 ounces of licorice. This means I had a generous amount of laces, since the laces are so thin. I pulled off one or two laces from the pile and bit into one. The first thing I noticed about the licorice was the chew! That's right! This licorice actually has a chewy texture. Other gluten-free licorices tend to be more of a chewy candy than a true licorice. Candy Tree has created a licorice that has the texture of licorice. I was excited!

Quickly following the excellent texture was a great black licorice flavor. This isn't wimpy black licorice that only tastes mildly like anise. Nope! This licorice lace was full of flavor. A quick scan of the ingredients showed that natural licorice flavor and anise extract are two of the ingredients. Unlike Licorice Twizzlers, Candy Tree's Licorice Laces contain no artificial flavors or colors.

So, are they like black Licorice Twizzlers? Hmmm, not really. They are better! They really do remind me of the licorice laces of my childhood. If you love black licorice, I really recommend you pick up a package of Candy Tree's Organic Licorice Laces. They far exceeded my exceptions!

Grade: A Summary: Excellent gluten-free licorice. Has both the texture and flavor of traditional wheat-based black licorice.

* Turns out the licorice I called "whips" as a kid are actually called "laces" just like Candy Tree's licorice!

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