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Looks good! But does it taste good?
Looks good! But does it taste good?

REVIEW: Mi-Del Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Elizabeth Barbone
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Mi-Del Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

This weekend my hubby and I took a quick trip to Maine. (This is a real treat with the current high gas prices.) Right before headed home, we stopped at the grocery store for some goodies for the ride home. You know, water, fruit, chips, etc. I was in the mood for cookies. So, I picked up a package of Mi-Del Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. The price, for gluten-free cookies, was pretty reasonable. The package cost $2.69.

Turns out, I didn't end up eating them in the car. Once we got home, I felt like a snack and opened the package. (Let me just say, the folks at Mi-Del have done a good job matching their package to the blue Oreo package we all know and love(d).) I had high hopes for the cookies. I've sampled several other Mi-Del products with good results.

See how the filling is uneven?
See how the filling is uneven?
As soon as I pulled the cookies out of the wrapper, I noticed that they were thicker than Oreo cookies and the filling wasn't evenly applied. The cookie, however, looked very similar to an Oreo. In the interest of writing a review, I sniffed the cookie. It smelled like an Oreo! Things were looking (smelling?) good.

Then I bit into the was hard. The cookie wasn't crisp at all! Under the pressure of my teeth (and I had to apply more pressure than I should have) the cookie broke but it was a rather jarring experience. Chomping through the cookie, my first impression was confirmed. The cookie didn't have a nice sandy Oreo-texture. No, this cookie was hard, dry and bland. The texture did not scream out "Oreo" at all. Big disappointment there.

As you can see, the filling is gritty and has an "off" color.
As you can see, the filling is gritty and has an "off" color.
Speaking of disappointments, the filling was bad. Really bad. I twisted the cookie apart to sample it for the review. It looked "off." Do you remember how Oreo filling was nice and white? This filling looked gritty! Honestly, I could see sparkles of sugar dotting the top of the filling. Not a good sign. I taste it. Yuck! It was SUPER sweet with no real flavor. Now, I know that Oreo filling isn't health food, trust me. But if you are looking for the taste and flavor of Oreo-cookies, the Mi-Del filling, made with Canola oil, doesn't deliver.

I didn't even finish my cookie. It was that bad. (And I am always a girl who finishes her cookie!) My hubby was curious about the cookie; so, he took a bite. He agreed that they were bad and didn't finish his cookie.

Summary: Packaged to look like a gluten-free Oreo. This cookie looks and smells like the real thing. Sadly, it doesn't taste like an Oreo cookie or even a very good cookie! I would avoid this brand for eating out of hand. If you need to grind up a cookie for a pie crust, this cookie would be ideal.

Grade: D

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