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Home | Blog | 5 Gluten-Free Cookies I Cant Keep in . . .

5 Gluten-Free Cookies I Can't Keep in the House (Because they're so good!)
Elizabeth Barbone
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August 6, 2012

A Trader Joe's opened in my area last week. Without planning on it, I went to the store opening day. (I was a the strip mall next door getting my hair cut and the crowds didn't look terrible.) I bought a few goodies, including Trader Joe's gluten-free gingersnap cookies. After returning, several folks on Facebook and Twitter asked if I bought the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. I had not. 

Among the comments, someone said, "I've banned myself from TJ's. Those chocolate chip cookies last about a day in this house." Then on, there was a fun thread talking about foods you "can't keep in the house."

This got me thinking about foods that I don't (or rarely) buy, not because of allergies, but because they are so dang good, that they "disappear" too quickly. 

Honestly, around cookies, I sometimes turn into this guy:


Here's my cookie list! 


Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme Dream Cookies

Before going gluten-free, I loved Oreo cookies. And these are the closest to a store bought Oreo that I've found. I nibble on a cookies here and there. Then WAY too quickly, I hit the end of the package.

Mi-Del Gulten-Free Bite Size Chocolate Caramel Cookies

These are sneaky little things. Thanks to their (adorable!) small size, they're easy to "pop." Caramel bits, which taste more like toffee to me, dot the cookies. Chocolate+caramel+bite size= dangerously delicious.

Glutino Lemon Wafers

Remember "sugar wafers "? Those cremé (not to be confused with "cream") filled wafer cookies? These are the gluten-free counterpart. And I LOVE them. Unlike most cookies, I've never found a good way to make a wafer at home. This means, if I want 'em, I have to buy 'em.

Schar Shortbread Cookies

Since these cookies aren't too sweet, I've been known to snag a few of these shortbread cookies to enjoy with my morning cup of tea. And that? Is a problem! For me, cookies are an occasional nighttime dessert and need to remain that way.

Shabti Rainbow Cookies

Years ago, I worked at an Italian bakery. Before I'd leave for the day, I took (with permission, of course!) a couple rainbow cookies. These cookies, cake-like and held together by raspberry jam, are rich, sweet, and just about perfect. For me, having a couple is just the right amount! Any more than than and they seem to disappear too fast. Hmm...maybe my husband* sneaks them when I'm not looking. Yeah...that's it.

*Greg is decidedly NOT a cookie monster.

How about you? Any cookies or other food you "can't" keep in the house because of how fast they disappear?

PS--Looking for some delicious cookie recipes you can make at home? (They are cheaper than ones you buy at the store!) May I suggest my first cookbook? Easy Gluten-Free Baking. It's loaded with recipes for cookies, breads, and all sorts of delicious things.


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